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Warren County Democrati

Monmouth, Illinois

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WARREN COUNTY DEMOCRAT THURSDAY OCTOBER 25 i894 COUNTY HAPPENINGS Nows and Notes rom Neighboring Towns and Communities AMUMhored hyOm Corps of Hoguhii Rr porters ICv pul as They See Them All coininunlcjiHons for this column should be sent so as to reach us not later than Wednes day a in PRAIRIE GROVE ARM Rev Alwaid of Union church preached in Berwick to a full audience Sunday evening Oct 14 His text hath chosen that good part which shall not be taken from was selected by the elder as a Utting 1 theme in honor of the occasion which was idi es ci i ly in sting to the members of Union by the baptism of four young ladies Jessie Brooks Eva Clague and Nora and Helen Elliott who Lave resolved to come out from the world and east in their lot with them Last Wednesday evening the young society of the church held an oyster supper at A The915 collected will go toward some of the church work 1 expect there were seveniy nve persons presenr ana mey seemed to have a good time Edward Shimmins made a start in this neighborhood with his new corn sheller the other day After his work with it he expressed himself as satisfied that the machine was all right Thomas Capps continues busy on ali sides of us with his new clover holler lie has some work ahead yet and will probably exceed 400 acres before he pulls in II told inti that with every thing in prime condition he is satisfied that he could thresh one hundred bushels of clover seed in a day Your Ormonde correspondent brags of seyenty live bushels of corn being picked in a day We have boys in this neighborhood that would think noth ing of picking that amount by three o'clock but I shall not give you any names until some one reaches one hun dred bushels We had some fun over the exercise of weighing a mammoth pumpkin Somebody became excited and said they knew it would weigh one hundred pounds But 1 am not telling a story so win say tnat tne stuuoorn facts brought the weight down to fifty pounds The other day business called me to the home of John Long and I found him suffering from a fall from his cart but in conversation as lively as ever lie talked freely of the old times of his experience as engineer and sur veyor which latter occupation he be gan when about fifteen years of age In 1833 he came from 'Tennessee with his father who built his cabin just across the road from his present pleas ant home Ilepointed to two stately walnut trees that he said had grown from nuts that he planted The farm of the pioneering days has kept grow ing until at present he has some one thousand acres and his pile of deeds led me to ask him if he had been re corder of deeds for the coufity lie said no that they all belonged to him Our road has recently been much im proved by a new bridge with stone abuttmenrs rue otner aay as i was riding over it with a gentleman who was quite enthusiastic in praise of the work he remarked certainly have a very efficient The West Prairie church has a new preacher and meeting is appointed for next Sunday KELLY some time since 1 sent the J)em ocuat items from here but will try to do better in the future The JI people are much pleased to have Bev A Beal returned for another year Bev Beal has done a good work on this circuit and he would be greatly missed had the conference sent him elsewhere Elder A Bolster pastor of the Adventist church has gone to attend conference and will tie absent two weeks Charley Hibbard moved a bouse which he had purchased in Shanghai to His farm recently bought of lus father last week Kelly township will soon have a town house Supervisor Adco*ck is oversee ing the work and everyone may rest assured that it will be well' and ecco nomically done Say what has become of the demo cratic hard times They have departed with the republican laws which brought them about Oh Marsh Marsh! We hale to be harsh But aren't you a cowardly chump? You bark and you growl You whimper and howl But you dare not ineH tmmz on the st imp We wonder if Gen Bost would be willing risk his re election in the Galesburg district if his Sweed oppo nent Jones Olson could meet and rid dle Ids thin and audacious assertions from the same platform? Wetrow not? Not one of the dishonest brood will meet a talenttd advocate of the people They dare not! KIRKWOOD Ba il Williams aged live oldest son of Mr and Mrs Harry Williams was drowned in a shallow well Wednesday evening of last week lie was playing with a younger brother when by step aping backwards he fell into the well and before help could arrive was dead He was a very bright little fellow and the parents are almost crazed with grief They have the heart felt sym pathy of the community The members of the church have extended a call to Rev Nairn of Melissa to serve as their future pastor Mr and Mrs James Cummings were in Stronghurst Thursday attending the funeral of one of Mrs Joe daughters who died of consumption The deceased was a relative of Mr Cummings Perkins went out to Omaha riday morning to get more cattle Bark will now handle the steaks in meat market Clarence Citmrnings was a business caller at the Maple City Saturday Mrs Jacobson called at Dave Smith's Saturday afternoon Miss Nettie Hicks of this place and Parsons of Peoria were united in marriage at the home of the parents Wednesday afternoon They will make their future home in Peoria Jliss Marshall and Simon Shoaf both of this place were united in the holy bonds of wedlock Wednesday evening at the home of Mr James Loudon They will make this place their home Clarence Cummings and Miss Cora Martin attended a party at Mr Lan near Liberty Chapel Tuesday evening The missionary society of the II church gave a missionary tea at the home of Mrs Cowan last Thursday afternoon Sam Smith had the misfortune to fall out of a cart one eye last week but we are glad to say escaped injury Judge Norcross and wife called at Martin Jacobson's Monday evening Well election will soon be here and Norcross is the man you should vote for because vote for him and yon know what got but vote for somebody else and you are liable to find out your mistake before many days have passed Kakle GREENBUSH Mr Mitchell of St Augustine passed through town Tuesday hunting two of his horses which had strayed away Mrs Sam Clore spent part of last week in Chicago Miss May White brought home with her quite an interesting Collection of specimens and curiosities as gathered on their overland trip to and from In diana She has a rock specimen from every town passed through Simmons is here from his Chicago home for a visit with his rela tives and friends There was a lady from Lallarpe bap tized into the Baptist church of Green bush on last Saturday We did not learn the name Mrs Barlow and her daughter Mrs Ella Honsh of Abingdon was dawn in this vicinity Tuesday and Wednesday They were our guests Wednesday They visited Mr and Mrs Barlow and Mrs Near and Mrs Chas Thomas near Y'oungstpwn Little Ethel Bay has been very sick the past week but is better at this writing We had the pleasure of entertaining on last Thursday Mrs Josiah Johnson and Alias May and Mrs Thos Cun ningham of Roseville Uncle Billy Willard has moved to Roseville The names of those who went on the excursion to Chicago last Sunday were: Ora Johnson II Pierce Gilly YVi gart Sam Clore Stephen Bond We attended the literary last riday evening Though the society is in its infancy yet the members are to be con gratulated on their excellent program and the way in which each one played their part The debate on the ques tion That more can be learned by observation than was ably discussed on both sides but the judges decided in favor oftheaf firmative The song by Misses Aria May White was rendered a very im pressive manner Also the solo by A Blair was well received The reci tation given by Miss annie Capps of Roseville' was very good and we hope she will favor the society with many good pieces Miss Hattie Mason did credit to herself in her piece as Josiah wife Karns came very near having a serious runaway last Saturday week They went to Avon and on starting home Mr Karns was putting the side curtains on his surrey laying the lines down with his wife and little daughter May in the surrey The ponies started to run throwing Mrs Karns on her face bruising it slightly but May show ing great presence of mind jumped over the front seat getting hold of the lines after the horses had run several blocks and stopped them just as they reached the railroad 1 he little heroine probably saved her own and her moth life Little Joe son of Andrew Willard who Hyes with his grandparents Willard and wife met with a bad accident last Tuesday while he and Dan little boys were driving some colts from the pasture Joe struck at one with a halter causing it to kick As he was very close behind the colt kicked him one foot striking him on the left cheek cutting a deep cash and knocking sev eral of his teeth out JI children came very near getting killed Saturday afternoon Daisy Hoy and little Clyde took the wagon and teanvto the timber alter a load of wood Roy concluded that the herses were not going fast enough and gave them a lick with his whip causing the horses to jump throw ing them all out the wheels passing ROSEVILLE Mr and Mrs rank Lee entertained a number of their friends riday even ing JIrs Gossett was in Jlon moiith last riday SOD A ATEK We have put in a fine Jlexican Onyx fountain and are serving an extra quality of Soda Water Try CREAJIO by far the best drink known SHULTZ over Roy Clyde was hurt so as to be unconscious for awhile Daisy escaped without any bruises Happily no bones were broken Allen Griffin and family of Roseville JIrs JIcReynolds JIrs Sov ereign Miss Luella Dilley Jliss Ida Irving and Master Arthur Irving were in Galesburg last Saturday attending the convention $300 $2 50 $200 were guests at PJ Karns over Sunday Woodford Ray was called home from Bushnell riday where he is attending school on account of his little sister sickness A Blair stated at literary last ri day evening that the Avon talent was coming up to take the scalps off of the speaker in the way of oratory some riday evening Al says let come for he and the president are betli bald headed and the scalps amount to much As far as supplying Greenbush JIE church with a minister the coming year conference has left it out in the cold Truly they have departed from the command ye and preach the gospel to every and another neither gold nor silver nor brass for your purses nor script for your and so on Then it says a little farther on whosoever shall not receive you nor hear your words when ye depart out of that house or city shake off the dust of your Jim i hi BERWICK Arthur and Ben Cable have just made the discovery that they have at least two hundred bushels of arti chokes Corn is not yielding as well as was anticipated About twenty live to unity uusneis per acre win catch the most of it in this vicinity JIrs (inlander and JIrs Russell of Monmouth and also Jliss Addie Allen snent tSundav with relatives here The abandonment of the Washing ton Park race course in Chicago was a surprise to many as this was considered the most aristocratic racing associa tion in the country Dees it mean that horse racing has had its day? Let ns hope so Wm Watson has just returned from a visit at his son in Iowa The Odd ellows have begun their new hall over the store of A Beck It is to be 30x48 feet and will be util ized for public use when occasion re quires JIr Beck will add ten feet more space to his store room which will afford him opportunity to increase his stock Jim McCowan has charge of the Billingsley House in the absence of Jliss Jane JIr Bristol has sold his residence to JIrs Riggs and will soon erect a new dwelling on a vacant lot east of the lot just sold The Longs are going to feed quite a lot of sheep and cattle this winter on ensilage They have a large amount of corn fodder The revivalist Rev Coats who is conducting the meetings at the JI church is decidedly on the Sam Jones order He is no doubt a hypnotist and in this lies most of his success Is not the same true however of all so called revivalists? Jliss Anna Bohon spent last Saturday in Alexis Jliss Mabie JIatteson was in Jlon mouth Saturday Harrison Atkins is visiting relatives in Iowa JIrs Robert Woodward is still re ported on the sick list Mr and JIrs Tom Carr returned home Jlonday evening after a visit with relatives in Little York JIrs Walker Taliaferro was in Bur lington Wednesday and Thursday of this week ORMONDE Politics quiet Corn picking booming Do not fail to register on the 30th as it will be your last chance Oliver Wilson has been very much under tire weather the past week The oyster supper given last week for the benefit of the West Prairie JI church was a grand but quiet affair We would like to have a democratic speech at Ormonde before the cam pain closes Who will volunteer to satisfy our desires rank Wilson is nursing a felony linger this week and thinks it very unpleasant even if it does protect him from the busy rush of the corn field Willie Killip of Nebraska is visiting his uncle Boyer Killip of this place Vote the straight democratic ticket and be on the right and winning side say you were too busy to reg ister or that you have not time to go to the election but take votir wife or sister and march bra vely to the front and show the people that you have some interest in the welfare of your country Shorty PRETTY PRAIRIE Harshbarger and wife visited at Duffield's 'Tuesday A new iron bridee spans the creek north of JIr Glen Jackson rode down on his wheel from North Henderson and Sundayed with his uncle Wm Jleachum Morris Welsh has been south and purchased a load of apples (ii last Jlonday evening young peo ple from this place Greenbush and Abingdon to the number of about 40 assembled at the home of JIr and JIrs Win Jleachum to celebrate the 18th birthday of his daughter Laura They chased the hours away with games laughter and song until the hour of midnight when they paused to wonder where the time had llown Jliss Laura was presented with a beautiful gold watch by her parents and several pres ents of less value by her young friends Jlay she live to enjoy many happy re turns of the occasion and the good wishes of her many friends Sallie Sweet Dr Cream Baking Powder forty Years the Standard air HIGHEST MEDAL awarded to The World's Tribute to Dr Cream Baking Powder Highest Honors Awarded by the Colum bian Exposition Chicago 1893 1 i'll Dr Cream Baking Powder The highest award was given on every claim comprising superiority in leavening power keeping properties purity and excellence This verdict has been given by the best jury ever assembled for such a purpose backed by the recommend ation of the Chief Chemist of the United States Department of Agriculture Washington who made an elabor i ate examination and test of all the baking powders This We ask you to call and see our Shoes at the above prices They are the best Shoes for the price that we have sold Best wearing nicest styles and best fit ting and we ask your compari sons Stone 8c 60 in a Nothing but there is meaning in the name When you want anything in the line of Books Wall Paper Window Shades Picture rames Etc WE GIVE YOU THE BEST GOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES McQUISTON SON SHOES: Good Style Good WeariiiQ O' Good Hitting Shoes Buy a air of the above priced Shoes Spriggs Co 10( South Main St Monmouth Ill Pillsbury Sawyer QB ji 1 Il Willi Illi 3 HK Eclipse Mg gin Sloe Largest Stock of Stoves in the City and Prices Always Right is pre eminently the highest authority on such matters in America This verdict conclusively settles the question and proves that Dr Cream Baking Powder is superior in every way to any other brand The Chief Chemist rejected the Alum baking powders stating to the air jury that he considered them unwholesome mm sum orth Side of Public Square.

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