Top 10 Most Dangerous & Worst Prisons in Pennsylvania | Top Ten Wow (2024)

Embarking on a sobering journey through the worst Pennsylvania state prison correctional landscape exposes a disconcerting tapestry woven with tales of ten institutions, each bearing the weight of its troubled legacy. From the eastern reaches of Chester to the serene outskirts of Dallas, these prisons are stark reminders of the formidable challenges within the state’s correctional system.

SCI Chester and SCI Graterford, both maximum-security bastions, cast shadows tainted by violence and perpetual overcrowding, evoking a sense of despair that permeates their imposing walls. In Huntingdon, SCI Huntingdon grapples with a disheartening recidivism rate, releasing individuals only to witness their haunting return to incarceration within three years—a cycle rife with frustration and shattered hope.

In Mahanoy City, SCI Mahanoy’s grim conditions of confinement paint a harrowing picture of daily struggles for humane living standards, stirring a profound empathy for those enduring such harsh realities. Venturing to Bellefonte, SCI Rockview’s work for accessible healthcare unfolds a narrative of neglect. At the same time, SCI Mercer in Mercer contends with the palpable frustration of limited access to crucial educational and vocational programmes.

Further west, SCI Phoenix in Collegeville grapples with an alarming incidence of violence, leaving both inmates and staff engulfed in an atmosphere of fear. In Pine Grove, SCI Pine Grove fights against the relentless tide of overcrowding as human faces behind bars contend with the overwhelming sense of confinement. SCI Waymart, located in Waymart, battles an unsettlingly high recidivism rate, perpetuating a cycle of disappointment and resilience. Meanwhile, SCI Dallas in Dallas mirrors the inadequacy observed in SCI Mahanoy, where feelings of frustration and powerlessness persist.

Not only are these the top ten worst prisons in Pennsylvania, but we will also answer many other things like Whether Pennsylvania state prisons have overpopulation, whether Pennsylvania has county jails, and whether a person can smoke in Pennsylvania state prisons. Besides, you will get answers to many other questions like who runs the prisons in Pennsylvania and whether that state has private prisons. We ensure this blog will be fun and very informative for you.

Here is an individual description of the top 10 worst prisons in Pennsylvania, and the first one on our list is SCI Chester, which can grab 2000 inmates at a time. Wait, before we talk about these prisons, what do you say if we discuss the history of the Pennsylvania prison system?

The History of the Pennsylvania State Prison System

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Before delving into the specifics of Pennsylvania’s worst prisons, let’s quickly examine how this nightmare started. The Eastern State Penitentiary, the state’s first prison, was established in Philadelphia in the early 1800s. The primary method of prisoner reform was intended to be solitary confinement. As we fast-forward to the present, the system is still broken, with harsh living conditions and overpopulation being the norm.

Despite the Eastern State Penitentiary’s initial goals, it was quickly discovered that using solitary confinement as a form of rehabilitation was unproductive and detrimental to the mental health of the inmates. The state started taking a more severe stance in the middle of the 1800s, including physical punishment and hard work.

Pennsylvania’s jail system faced several difficulties during the 20th century, including problems with violence, corruption, and insufficient budget. A solid movement to reform prisons has emerged in recent years. Proponents have called for measures to lower statutory minimum terms and give prisoners more access to job training and education programs.

SCI Chester

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Located in Chester, Pennsylvania, the State Correctional Institution – Chester, commonly called SCI Chester, is one of Pennsylvania’s largest maximum security prisons, accommodating over 2,000 inmates. Since its construction in the mid-1980s, it has gained recognition for its innovative design and commitment to addressing substance abuse.

Originally built as a 1,175-bed medium-security prison, SCI Chester pioneered a unique “pod” system. This arrangement features clusters of cells surrounding a central control area, a forward-thinking design that aims to enhance security and diminish violence within the facility. This architectural approach was considered groundbreaking for correctional facilities during that period.

Despite its initial focus on medium-security arrangements, SCI Chester has faced challenges. Notably, the prison has encountered issues related to violence and overcrowding, with the facility operating at over 100% capacity. In the year 2021 alone, more than 100 assaults on staff came into sighting, reflecting the complex environment within SCI Chester.

Top Ten Worst Prisons in the USA

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Our next prison on our list is SCI Graterford, which is even more significant than SCI Chester and is a nightmare home to 3,000 inmates.

SCI Graterford

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SCI-Graterford, a large prison, first opened its doors in 1929 in Skippack Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It got a name “SCI Graterford.” It was a formidable jail with extremely high walls and armed guards. One of Pennsylvania’s largest prisons, SCI-Graterford, can house almost 2,500 adult male convicts. Several individuals, including those who had received death sentences, were part of its population. However, the closure of SCI-Graterford in 2018 marked the conclusion of a lengthy era characterized by the prison’s reputation for extreme toughness and stringent security. While many considered it a place of punishment, others saw it as a place where prisoners might work toward improving their lives.

It was more than simply being harsh at SCI-Graterford, with two parts. The jail was not only renowned for its strictness but also for its educational initiatives. These were similar to classes or training programs designed to give inmates employable skills upon release. The aim was to provide them with a second chance to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society. Thus, despite its harsh exterior, SCI-Graterford tried to provide convicts with hope and a means of improving their lives.

Let us discuss another of the worst prisons in Pennsylvania, SCI Huntingdon, which is also famous for various reasons.

SCI Huntingdon

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Set up in the Pennsylvanian mountains, SCI Huntingdon is a male adult maximum-security prison with a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1889. It began as a reformatory for juvenile criminals, changed into a haven for “defective delinquents” until 1960, and then housed convicts involved in capital cases until 1995. Today, it offers a variety of programming and educational possibilities inside its walls, pulsating with rehabilitative vitality. Emotions resound from the past, a symphony of resiliency and optimism. Every prisoner has a different story, and reformative initiatives provide them comfort. SCI Huntingdon is a furnace of salvation that promotes development and purpose, not just a store of lives. The facility is a monument to human tenacity, and the search for second opportunities as nightfall envelopes the Allegheny Mountains.

So, this is all about the SCI Huntingdon. The time to discuss the next prison arrives. Talking about the name, it is SCI Mahanoy, small but dangerous.

SCI Mahanoy

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Located in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, along Interstate 81, the State Correctional Institution – Mahanoy is a medium-security prison for male convicts. Came into being 1993, with a capacity of 1,000 cells. Moreover, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections owns and runs this prison.

People convicted of relatively serious crimes, such as drug trafficking, assault, and robbery, are the central residents of the institution. Notwithstanding its categorization, SCI-Mahanoy has come under fire for having inadequate incarceration conditions. The Pennsylvania Prison Society outlined difficulties with low lighting, insufficient ventilation, and sanitary conditions in a study from 2021. Another issue was overcrowding, and it was stated that prisoners were not allowed to have access to basic toiletries like soap or razors.

The DOC started working to improve SCI-Mahanoy in response to the complaints and objections. Plans to update the facility’s ventilation system were revealed in 2021. The DOC has also launched several initiatives to give prisoners access to education and career training possibilities. The next part of the discussion in Pennsylvania’s top ten worst prisons is SCI Rockview. Read and tell me whether you find it worse, too.

SCI Rockview

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SCI Rockview is a medium-security prison that is located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. It has a capacity of over 1,200 inmates. SCI Rockview is known for its lack of access to healthcare. In 2021, the Pennsylvania Prison Society found that SCI Rockview had long wait times for medical appointments and a shortage of medical staff.

SCI Mercer

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SCI Mercer is a minimum-security prison in Pennsylvania’s Mercer County in Findlay Township. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections runs it and accommodates adult male offenders. The jail can house 1,087 convicts.

SCI Mercer was established initially as a State Regional Correctional Facility (SRCF) in 1978. Moreover, it intended to keep male county prisoners from 14 counties in Northwestern Pennsylvania for a brief period. However, the facility’s goals shifted in 1986, and it started housing adult male convicts from throughout the state.

2008 saw the renaming of SRCF Mercer as the State Correctional Institution – Mercer. As of right now, the American Correctional Association has accredited the institution. Additionally, the institution offers a range of jobs for prisoners, such as:

  • Garment shop
  • Maintenance
  • Foodservice
  • Landscaping

SCI Mercer has dedication to provide its inmates and staff with a safe and secure environment. The facility staffs by 24/7 security personnel and has a variety of security measures in place, including CCTV cameras, Electronic access controls, and Metal detectors.

The use of security sources tells that it is a dangerous place for inmates, but worse than this one is SCI Phoenix.

Top Ten Worst Prisons in Illinois

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SCI Phoenix

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Like its namesake, the fabled phoenix bird, the State Correctional Institution – Phoenix (SCI Phoenix), located in Skippack Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, symbolises regeneration and rehabilitation. This brand-new, maximum-security and medium-security institution opened in 2018 and can hold up to 3,830 prisoners. SCI Phoenix, which cost $400 million to build, is a unique facility that combines two traditional prisons into one Administration/Support Building.

Unlike its elderly predecessor, SCI Graterford, SCI Phoenix provides personnel and convicts with a more contemporary and safe facility. Its wide array of services and activities goes beyond simple detention and includes possible recovery and reintegration. Along with honing their talents in the carpentry, electrical, and HVAC professions, inmates have access to therapy for mental health issues and substance addiction, as well as educational possibilities through GED, college, and vocational programs. Sports, gaming, recreation, and library access offer well-rounded leisure options.

SCI Pine Grove

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In Indiana County, Pennsylvania, State Correctional Institution – Pine Grove (SCI-Pine Grove) is a medium-security state prison for adult male offenders. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) is in charge of running it. With a capacity of 1,196 prisoners, the institution opened its doors in January 2001.

Among the many prisoners kept in SCI-Pine Grove are some serving life sentences without the possibility of release. In addition, the jail offers convicts between the ages of 15 and 20 an intensive therapy and education program called the Young Adult Offender Program (YAOP).

Its dedication is to provide its employees and prisoners with a safe and secure environment. The jail offers various services and initiatives to aid convicts’ reintegration into society once released.

Have you ever heard of SCI Waymart? People also consider this prison as a nightmare for even dangerous criminals. Why is it so? The details will clear this riddle.

SCI Waymart

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There formerly stood the Waymart State Correctional Institution (SCI Waymart), a medium-security facility in Waymart, Pennsylvania. It was infamous for having many freed individuals return to it despite having a capacity of more than 1,400 convicts. Over 65 per cent of individuals released from SCI Waymart in 2021 were back behind bars in three years.

When SCI Waymart came into being in 1931, its primary goal was to assist juvenile criminals in getting back on track. However, it started admitting more dangerous criminals in the 1970s. Because of this, there were more inmates and fewer staff members in the jail. As a result, there needed to be more employees, and SCI Waymart got to overflowing.

Those who were released from SCI Waymart were more likely to return because of the prison’s overpopulation and inadequate staffing. Unlike other institutions, SCI Waymart inmates did not receive the same assistance in changing their conduct. This increases the likelihood that they would commit further crimes after being released from jail.

Now, it is time to discuss the last prison among Pennsylvania’s top ten worst prisons. The name of this prison in SCI Dallas is popular for poor confinement.

SCI Dallas

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SCI Dallas is a prison in Dallas, Pennsylvania, housing 1,200 inmates. The Pennsylvania Institution Society recently discovered that the institution needed more hygiene, light, and air. Initially designed for troubled youth, it was converted to an adult facility in 1966 after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the previous approach was unconstitutional.

SCI Dallas is home to problems from a long time. Many person lost their life, and several others were injured in a significant battle in 1978. A judge said in 1996 that the jail was overcrowded and that it was illegal to keep certain inmates alone.

It is still not excellent, despite the recent improvements. Inmates complain of being mistreated, not receiving adequate medical attention when they are ill, and occasionally receiving overly harsh treatment. In addition, the jail has frequently large number of prisoners and unsafe due to a lack of employees.

So, the chapter on Pennsylvania’s top ten worst prisons ends here, and here comes the time to answer your queries. First, let us clear up the question of the crowd there in these jails.

Is there overcrowding in Pennsylvania prisons?

As of November 14, 2023, Pennsylvania’s prisons are at 88.7% capacity. It means that the people there are more than the beds available. Overcrowding can lead to several problems, including increased violence, decreased access to healthcare and educational programs, and a higher risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Is SCI Forest dangerous?

SCI Forest is a medium-security prison for men in Marienville, Pennsylvania. People there considers it to be a relatively safe prison, with a lower rate of violence than other prisons in the state. However, no prison is entirely secure, and there have been some incidents of violence and unrest at SCI Forest in the past.

Does Pennsylvania have county jails?

Yes, Pennsylvania has county jails. County jails holds the people awaiting trial or sentenced to short sentences (less than two years). There are 67 county jails in Pennsylvania.

Can you smoke in Pennsylvania prisons?

No, you cannot smoke in Pennsylvania prisons. Management prohibits in all indoor areas of Pennsylvania prisons, including cells, standard rooms, and dining halls.

How many prisons are in PA?

There are 26 state prisons in Pennsylvania.

Does Pennsylvania have private prisons?

Yes, Pennsylvania has private prisons. Pennsylvania has two private prisons: Cambria County Correctional Facility and Pike County Correctional Facility.

Who runs PA prisons?

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) runs the state prisons in Pennsylvania. The PADOC is a state agency that the Pennsylvania Governor oversees.

How many female state prisons are in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has three female state prisons: Muncy State Correctional Institution, SCI Cambridge Springs, and SCI Laurel Highlands.

Top 10 Most Dangerous & Worst Prisons in Pennsylvania | Top Ten Wow (2024)


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