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I a Jhe paet ourweeks closedTuesday 4 0 farm snnth nf fnvvn vv A a i moved onto the unk farm east of town vacated by Mr Carter Do you enjoy a good laugh? Come and bear the play Cabbage Hill at Clear Creek Saturday night Dec 12 Basket social immediately af ter the program i V11CT act UJO pauiuHa cl udHUBOUie IN XCat SOU venir in the shape of an elegant calen dar the same being a reproduction from the celebrated painting orget the old olks at by letcher Rawson Attached to and accompanying the calendar is an origi nal poem of Old Home and written especially for Mr Suuobleheld bv AarsIpf kiQ nnoi lOAGamVvnn Will firiH'anmo' i ty 7 4 I Committee Jf ratemaUV foi 1909 and you twill hnd some tacts Last Saturday Pantagraph contained la connected with one of "the Mt may or may hot be uncommon aud the following sketch of a well known Lcret societies He belohgs wood postNo: mtarana Vc nf I 5 CT 4 4" W1 CT CT KI CT I 41 L1UH0 lvr JJ 1 VJ LJ MCl Olli ICOlUbVU Itis commonly conceded among tliesuperstitious that riday Kan lucky but consult your calendar CTact 1 11 CT J3 5 JJ fT S4 it Vi 44 ct! zl 1 1 Carter has moved to the Bowers McLean meat market is giving out to 2 irm south of town Elza Lanham his nhnnj a 1 township will celebrate his 65th birth day today His entire life has been spent in the vicinity where he how lives Mr Longworth was born in Mt Hope township Dec 5 1843 His parents ijohn and! Prudence (Edwards) 'Long i worth natives of Ohio and Maine respectively Robert Longworth the paternal grandfather a native of Eng 1 land married Nancy Riley who was! born in Ireland of noble parentage' the marriage ceremony taking place in the latter country On coming to the United States they proceeded directly to Ohio and after remaining in that state for a few years journeyed to Illinois settling in Mt HoDe 'townshin Tohn Saturday afternoon Mrs had a meeting of the Junior League in the Baraca room of the church Officers were elected for following six ihonths and at the close Refreshments and a social time was enjoyed' ollowing is uiuoouv Helen an Ness second vice president A rl nwiCT muu vice presjaenr lorence Hopper fou: th vice president Hazel Adkins secretary Morris Loup mruu 1U1S pimui uwxugreasarerrHerbeut 'Ewing organist ford last Bunday at which time the Lillian Dishong wlub organise CTW 4 CTt4 CT VI CTA CT 1ct5CTCT fJAm 'w 1 toanoatn a Sunday school and Baraca class Sub Pcates the 11 a the pastor will deliver an ad dress on Christian 2 League Topic to Give 6:30 Epworth League Topic ti iJoySi leader Mrs Blanche Tudor 7:30 preaching by the pastor subject Preaching of the I an unluckyv one 7 WMfAugustusT comes in on ridav beat known citizens of Grove JuIy October and five ridays though vnf 4 April is The'moon fAir? one A dnrinor Vic TrAr ti 1 I vv jcai up rnaay ana be HOW uue lime on riday Three times the first quarter change is on ri 7' JherS are aIso four months which have five'Sundays Of the fortv Jine Caes of the moon ten on nda PeadMce day is on' Sun day and St day falls on S5ring begins Sunday I March 21 and a partial eclipse of the sun Dec 13 on Sunday' 9S loog to iiHi zvcttct personal McCarthy of Garber "visited frinnna vuuo ucxu vu Auuouaj' 1 jnra riuwara incrariana visited with friends in Atlanta Wednesday I Pumpelly of Atlanta was asocial caller in town one day this week flnllina fnr 4 VCTlr4rla ct4 bazaar than you can shake a stick yWS 'Long was in lo'wat the past week on business and returned Wednes J'y ytMr and Mrs Jasper Lighthall spent a few days witRfriendsin Wapella this iWeek' It Miss Pearl Stephens of Peoria is her aunt Mrs Robt ffyerSX7sv '5 Bert Mcarland wife of Chicago spent Bunday 'with Mr and Mrs Daniel Mcjarland parents Mrs David Alexander of Blooming ton isvisitihg with her sister Mrs Sterling and her parents Mr and sivirs Jija Btupbieneia 4 Ex governor Joe ifer Blooming tonspent afew days this week shoot ing bn his farm northwest of" town and uye returned ounuay aiwruoun from a four weeks stay at a sanatariumj in Bloomington and is now in much1 better health and spirits than he has 1 beenf or a long time: Dr "and Mrs Harry Brown of BloOmington were guests at the home I or ivir ana ivxrs ix ode bowers xuesaay night Dr attended theMasonic fl the list of officers: irst vice present lOUge wmcu uiu wuik iu tue imru jJrg Stubblefield and Mr and Mrs Thad Stubblefield were guests or Mra Tlmor Tfixvintr nAflr Rfnn X1JAU 41AAAV 1 bwing lamuy enterramea a large uom 1 pany or relatives OnThursday of last week Mr and Mrs7CA Carter attended the gradual tionfceremonies of the Springfield) Hos i pitaf school for nurses Miss Ethel Hinson a sister of Mrs Carter com pleted a three years course of study and received ber diploma 1 1 1 1 1 The usual services will 'be held at the I Congregational church on Sunday morn ling and evening Seats free and all arei cordially invited a tne Hardware stock he recently bought John Withrow of Higby Mo for a o40 acre stock farm near Higbv This in turn he traded to Hallo way for a quarter section of farming lTn(iXermillion hear Danville Mr Withrow has taken possession of the hardware stock has invoiced the goods and is ready for business Mr Withrow and his wife formerly Mis's Sadie Pitts are well known here and he is a young man of good business qualifi cations and will no "doubt make a suc cess of the business He will move his family here in the near future and their 1 many friends will be in inn tiv ct zl k'l Mr TI A UII lit nr i i in i tn i ii i ill i i i 1 1 ii i i in i vvTK i Uk LT ZYT IVI CT rY 4 I Christian church which have been held )ioture aud DOenl thATULAr tnnr xxraAira nar! 'l'nAriv 4 yu i HKI 1 I ULI ft CT V1 1 A Jb I rt L4 I VI I saw JlljV 1 WV 'MM' A A 'MZSSl 11 iffltiT' UTT Ml night There was a good attendace all tir ua wk paiDyz tie nas held the oihee oi ii 'u i oiiuiememuer uie oia nome uxuugu uiu auu auu ana mends trom whom they are sepa tinnn tn thp mem her shin rfisniten A ClUCU A LONGWORTH CELEBRATES 65th ANNIVERSARY Dnrincr Hio nccf trade has been made which has made Longworth fat he rof AugustusTLong quite a change in the mercantile busi worth was reared in Ohio and there5 ness of McLean: Mr Darnall traded received his education inthe public scnoois ne was owner ana operator or the first salt well in Morgan county Ohio in 136 he came to McLean locating in Mt Hope township where' he became possessedpf 640 acresof lapd 240 of which he retained until the time of his death Politically he was Whig in early life and later a republi can He served as school director and held other township offices being as sessor for about 15 years and school treasurer for nearly thirty years Au gustus was brought un on the home farml and obtained his education in the Mt Hope schools and Tllinnia WaalaTTnn TTni'trri'rcJrr Tr 1 QrtO 51C1U LU ItJUttW OIUh MVUVJUU VUVUXUUJ JLU Halin wav ivic 8 he enlisted in Comnanv A One Hundred two sons at Danville will go to the Mis I Seventeenth Regiment Illinois Vol Inf ating erid lan Raid the battles of Nashville Pleas ant Hill Alexandria and 47 other en gagements and skirmishes After the war Mr Longworth locat ed in" Mt Hope township buying a farm which ho sold in 1868 He then pur chased eighty acres to which he added i at intervals until now he has 184 acres jin Grove township Besides this property he is the owner of desira ble lands in Kansas In addition to general farming he is engaged in breed ing draft and road horses and mules In all his undertakings Mr Longworth has met with well merited success The first marriage of Mr Longworth Jook place in 1868 when he was wedded to Ella Van Ness a daughter of John Van Ness This union resulted in three children: Carrie Clarendon de ceased and John Their mother died in 1875 In 1879 Mr JLongworth was married to Lettie Van Ness The sec ond wife died in 1885 after bearing three children: loss and Lettie deceas ed and Belle Mr Longworth was married a third time in Anns Brownbecoming his wife Mrs Long worth is a native of Springfield Clark county Ohio and a daughter of Johr and Emma (Sibert) Brown who settlec in Logan county Ill during the civi war moving thence to Kansas and la ter to Iowa where the mother still livefe the father dying in 1905 Mr and Mrs Longworth have had one child Lester Lee who is engaged in farming on the home place They are members of the Methodist Episcopal church In politics Mr Longworth has always been an earnest republican and has ta ken an api lVA nnrt in Irwinl PP 1 4 vcf i xf ffice of collector and assessor and bn two dif ferent occasions fell short but four and six votes respectively of being elected super visor or bunks Grove township or twenty one years he has been a member of the McLean county republi Pj ln nival kA VUIXLUUIVLCU L1 Lit tHUekil uu went home with a big bag full of game acquaintances two sons at Dai souri farm and take charge probably serving three years and participatir in the Red River campaign the Meri II 1 I I 'I I.

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