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rt MISCELLANEOUS Leader of Popular Prices I 15 SEPTEMBER 5 1883 ELWOOD DU BOIS Local Editor local events EVERY ARMER Shirts Neckwear Hats and Caps 9 AT CloWing Store have Very Large Stock Latest all Styles Of Clothing and everything belonging to a IRST CLASS CLOTHING SW ull Assortment Overcoats Call and Get Prices AIRBURY ILL Leader of Popular Prices Under Odd Hall Gorbach Son airbury Shoe Store Boots Shoes STOCK LARGE MOST rames Mattings OR Comprising ull Stock COMORTABLE RIGS Undertaking a Specialty flour at Mober WEST POSTOICE BEST COAL Coma and See Us PtALEfl IM ALL KIXDB Hope Staple and ancy GROCERIES 9 IN ILLINOIS $180 PER TON AT EAST SHAT Cigars Etc Hub) Order lour a Specialty ine Boots and Shoes nnd hlspntcli PORTER WAGER 00 airbury Shoe Store RAMSEY aibbcbt Ill Sept 4 1883 A time ere he recovers and Than else whereis located one block west of the Post office fail to call Goods all fresh while attending the air shpuld not fail to see us KdCERCIZAlSrT TAILOZRTISrGk BLANKETS JAISTISrEIjS AJWID TTA RITS BLACK Sc GROS GRAIN SIIZBZS JISTID MATERIALS ITSTE IMPORTED DRESS GOODS Minnie Heffner of Paxton is Uio guest of the family of her uncle I McDowell in this city Sarah Stuff of Pontiac camo yesterday to seo tho fair and visit her sister Mrs Logan Lough Wilson and wife left yes terday morning to attend camp meeting now in progress at Eureka you want to see tho neatest gro cery storo in airbury call at Beers's new stand in tiro cast end Murdock and wife departed for Elmwood Peoria county yesterday morning to take in tho roun Idii Clark Alford of Odell was In the city yesterday to enter some of her bandwork in iho department in loral Hall rJoe Morrison camo over from Pontiac yesterday with several head of lino horses some of bis late importation to exhibit at tho fair While attending the fair do not fail to secure tho weekly Independent Blade for the coming year Club rates with all publications running a feed cutter yester day morning a son of Mart Pearson of Avoca cut off a pieeeof his linger which caused him much suffering And isilor to the air can Save 15 per cent by Buying we Keep in tic Store a iret Claja Mcchatlc who will Cotnprlalng PARLOR DININO ROOM KITCHEN ICE AND CHURCH URNITURE ALL KINDS Grand Hall A scries of dances will be given at the Opera House Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday evenings The appointments will be of the good music efficient management and everything necessary to a pleasant dance Come everybody tf Highest Market Price Paid Tor All Kinds of Country Produce AIRBURY ILL' TRESIZE Artistic Photographer Opposite Mill AIRBURY ILL All 'RindR of Photographs and Tin types Made on Short Notice Lowest Prices on Blankest lannels and Yarns Lowest Prices on Blankets lannels and Yarns Lowest Prices on Blankets lannels and Yarns Agent for Antoine Guinet Co Black Silks Agent for Cashmere Royal rench Silks Agent for Celebrated Corsets Agent for Collars and Cuffs Agent for Celebrated Ludlow ine Shoes Agent for Celebrate Jno oster ine Shoes The Merchant Tailoring Department 1 Under the management of HARTZELL has proved a great success I have now an immense stock of the latest style and best makes of English rench Geilnan Scotch and American Cassimeres A IT GUARANTEED always Come and see what we do All Sizes of rames rom the Cheapest to the inest The most attractive line of mattings ever shown in this county ull ad Conipkle can be ound in the avorable Prices To Receive a Liberal Patronage from the Public GRAY GRAY ine Shoes which we make a Specialty KRIPPENDOR A KR1PPENDOR ine ShoeH for Ladins MIrrcr and Children and Bet Assortment in the County MUNDELL TIP MUNDELL TIP Shoes tor the only reliable tipped shoe Gents all Hand made rench Kip Boots Hancbmade Shoes for Gents Oak Tanned Kip Boots always Staple and considered the Beet MERIT SON DEALERS Bread" Luther Sterling of GibSon is in the city Calland see thqso handsome wiro goods in floral hall d4t Joo Ricliea of Peoria is spending tho week Bread" and sweet smiles from tho cook hand in hand Rnssoll of Mobile cousin of Johnnie McDowell is in the eity red Hutchinson of Iowa is visiting his brother Lansing north of town you want to buy or sell a farm or ipwn property go to Stackpole ded Robinson lias improved so as to be able to get out and see tho sights at the fair peanuts cigars and tobac cos at wholesale prices at Perlee's cast end of town Sterling and daughter of Tania Citv Iowa are visiting relatives in this city i i Every family at our fair should take i home a sack of Bread" Hour from 1 Grocery JATDTES Gr tl LNI 'xS As usual I will have tho Largest Stock ami Most Stylish Line of CLOAKS DOLMANS AND CIRCULARS Ever shown in Livingston County consisting of Imitation Seal Plush Matelasse Cordinet Ottoman Brocade Silk Soliel and Dagonal 1 CAN GUARANTEE THE BEST ITS AND THE LOWEST PRICES E3TD0 NOT AIL TO SEE STRAIGHT STRAIGHT ORWARD ORWARD DEALING DEALING Mvu er Cent AND GET ULL VALUE I or your money do not fall to call WE CAN SUIT YOU In everything thia we guarantee Drugs Books School Sup plies Medicines Wall Paper WINDOW SHADES Paints Oils Notions Etc at LOWER PRICES and aIIITQ DILLUD irst Class Drag Store of lairViiry where you can buy Bold Attempt One of the gang of pickpockets men tioned in daily made a bold attempt to snatch tho watch of Mr Jos Graff clerk in Walton's clothing depart ment on Monday evening after dark as tho latter was coming tho fair grounds The young thief failed to get tho tinier but received a stunning blow from the fist of Mr Graff that "sent him to He quickly picked himself up and If Mr Graff had been tho possessor of a weapon tho young scamp would probably be wear ing a wooden overcoat ere this Knights of Pj thins Tho Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias of Illinois will hold their four teenth annual convention in Peoria commencing Tuesday October 16th In accordance with the wishes of Cal anthe Lodge No 47 of that city who have raised a large sum of money for the purpose the event will be signal ized by a grand display of uniform di visions drill corps and lodges without uniform The attendance will bo very large a number of bands will be pres ent many Sir Knights will bring their ladies with them and the occasion will be a brilliant one Of all kind from a Road Cart to a SPLENDID BAROUCHE RATES SO LOW That Cannot Afford to Walk AUSPICIOUS OPENING About 1GOO Entries and Gate Receipts $800 opened a new store in air bury I want to see every purchaser of groceries I will make it a special ob ject for all to call Beers east end Jos Grecncbaum of Sullivan Moultrie county is visiting with rela tives in the city this week Site is ac companied by a lady friend of that place man wijs kicked by a horse anil another prodded up by a Jersey cow at tho fair grounds yesterday but their in juries were not serious Names not learned Jias fallen to the lot of A ra ley to break the as it were and his diminutive form has expanded won derfully since yesterday afternoon It a girl Westervelt it Co airbury Ill are general agents for the American Encyclopedia of Practical Knowledge ine best work ever published for farm ers and business men Lawrence is making some tell ing improvements on his residence and will plaee a neat picket fence around it He is taking advantage of tho only week leisure he has in tho year 1 1 Mundt and family returned yes terday morning from a ten days' tounof Peoria Elmwood aniP Washington ac companied by Mr niece Miss Allie Story of tho latter place all sides is heard tho cry about the dust A sprinkler was put to work yesterday on Main street from the post office west and on the street leading to the west entrance of the fairgrounds ut the balance of streets resemble Sahara on a small seale repbrt comes to us of an attempt Blade by a couple of young ruffians iftiday evening to rob a couple of yopng adies of their jeiVelynearlhe residence o' Juo Thornton in t'lio west part of The assault was made after dark proved Pontiac papers are blowing aheap lo" prices in their city and ni 1 le7 beat airbury when they ten afkring 825U per ton for coal in onlviV while airbury coal is from i)cr ton Wo have this this week rner nade inquiries there weekly Independent Bladeone of the most widely read newspa In Illinois and should be Tt a larR0 48 teX flUo'1 ith matter of in rof and the low price It I 5aIor annum places the reach of every family in With a year Our club rates 8taUH T' i Hie United tn rE8 lower than those of nnv naner venrm Wade Mahoney PROPRIETORS BRICK LIVERY STABLE DEALER IN Dry Goods Carpets Notions BOOTS AND SHOES MERCHANT TAILORING Wishes to announce that be has the Largest and Best Stock in The Above Lines in Livingston County and ffill Not Be Undersold By Any House in Central Illinois air Notes Secretary Annablo aid his assistants were kept very busy attending to the entries yesterday and when tho liooks were closed in the evening the list numbered 1600 All departments are ns full as last year 'mid tho show of horses is larger and better than oer before seen on tho grounds The gate receipts yesterday exceeded the same for the second day of any previous year To day the grounds Will be pretty well tilled and tho pros pect is very good for tho most successful fair yet held by the society The band entered upon their duties yesterday morning and discoursed some really good airs Messrs Will Herron and Smith of tho orrest Cornet Band are assisting the hom*o band A couple of trotters camo down from tho north on ho Streator branch yes terday morning The trials of speed ill ho fully up to the average this year rnOOBAMME 1'0 It' TO DAY anning implements Bulls Jacks Mules Sheep Agricultural Horses DINNER Grades and Crosses mid Grade Hords TROTTING AND RUNNING Threo miduto Trot Half milo Dash armington California' Mu In a previous note I spoke of tho California wheat header and thresher combined and thought that a short description of the machine and the way it was operated would be inter esting to your readers Thehoader cuts sixteen feet the sickle is managed by a man with a lover is raised nnl inwnmi to suit ground and grain Attached to the header is II thrPSihnr knntlr'itne atari cleaner also attached to the end of the cleaner is a platform where the sacks are filled from spouts Ono man tends sews and dumps them off Tho platform has a covering of canvas The whole machine is drawn by twenty four horses attached as follows: three strings of six abreast one of four and two horses in tho lead One man drives tho whole team with two lines running back from tho leaders through rings fastened on tho top of the center horses bridles Can cut small piece of grain almost as easily as a two horse reaper The ma chine that I saw was invented and run by Mr Benton of armington The price of the machine is fourteen hund red dollars Ho has headed fifteen hundred acres on different farms yield ing from twenty five to forty bushels per aero This is one of the great wheatlcounties of California and it is astonishing to sec tlio immense quantity of wheat that is harvested and handled in so short a time In fact all farm work In this country is done on a large scale and I with a rush II Banker Aug 27 DEALERS IN INE URNITURE AIRBURY ILL Elegantly Egiiwil Stable in Livingston County Glassware Queensware Crockery Tobacco Tn fact we Have is i HUUliV vi on us yesterday Geo McCabe of Chicago was in the city yesterday visiting friends A Goodspeed of Odell made a pleasant call at our pffice last nigh attending the fair call and see Moberly Co you will find gro ceries cheap Smitli of Topeka Kansas nephew of David Smitli is visiting rcl atives in this city Wm Dever will leave to day or to morrow for Nebraska on business to re main a few weeks Al Ireland is visiting her mother in Schuyler county and will bo absent several days Abbie Dice came hom*o very ill yesterday from Topeka Kansas She is very much emaciated having Persons attending the fair should not fail to all at Gorbach and get one of those folding ciiairs to use on the grounds They arc sold very cheap in tiie line pf building material at bottom prices for the next 30 days nt the Red Office 'The only genuine Marblehead lime handled tf engaged in repairing the roof of a house on the Walton faun near Potosi Monday Chas Worden fell from the roof to the ground a distapeeof twen ty feet Seriously injuring his spine Drs Barnes and Hayward are in attendance but the injury is such that he is lying perfectly helpless arid it will lie some Give me a call I am perman ently located and any person knows that when they get a good article they must buy it of some permanent dealer Prices always low A full stock of EATHEPv DUSTERS.

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