Hardin County Independent from Elizabethtown, Illinois (2024)

Page EIGHT HARDIN COUNTY INDEPENDENT THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1955 Rosiclare News ers Miners Win, Fourth Game Hardin county, spent the week end with relatives and friends here. A deputy United States Marshall, he is now located in East St. Louis. A steering wheel broken, the Peoria, was visiting his mother, Mrs. Louisa Henderson, over the week end.

Johnle Mason is working on the farm of his uncle, Ernest Edwards, boat "Mary Jan Was tied up near near Cave-in-Rock, since school is RosicWe Miners continue out the ferry landing over the holiday week end. s- Tour of Scenic Beauty Eddyvllle Scenic Sights, Is sponsoring a second sight-seeing tour, this Sunday, June Sights to ha ylsited include such points of Interest as Peters Cave, Hays Canyon, and Clarldy Springs. The days outing starts at 9 am. at die Eddyvllle echoed grounds. Dinner will be served at 3 p'm.

on the school grounds. All the food The to bold a first place tie with, the Round Knob Bulldogs as thy whipped Vienna Sunday, the second place team, 5 to 3 in an hbbrevlat-ed 7 inning game. The game was originally scheduled to he a home game at Rosidare, but due to the Because Monday Was a holiday there was no meeting of Girl Scouts, but they will meet at 6 oclock Monday night next week, June 6, in the community building, with their leader, Mrs. Freda Bak-er- -Mrs. Laly Carmen brought her father, Alvin Cowsert home, Saturday, from the hospital In Car-bondale where he had been a patient for two weeks, suffering with Larry Flynn returned to Canton Tuesday after spending the week end with his parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Mrs. Ernestine Phillips and children returned here Thursday last week. Mrs. Phillips had taken her Clyde L.

Flynn, Sr. sMli eg li years old to the Crip-1 Mrs. Margaret T. Oxford and Jamiliea. Earlene Ree4 And family, ed Mrs Mary Jane Edwards, near i-unplayable condition of the home Harry Winters and famUy, John L.

for treatments He has a Birch and fami'y- Jlm Birch and jeach ear drum. They had visited Cave-in-Rock, visited the Hall field, the game was played away, cemetery near Yellow Springs, ja sobn the city gets the weeds ELIZABETHTOWN NEWS Chariea Russell and son, Tommy? Elliott' Zimmerman, MUwau-and-Franklin Tucker saw abairkaei Rudolph GrabpW, Joe Berry, game in St Louis Saturday and i Bedford, lat Byron Groesbeck, met Miss Florence Watson, who (Lawrence SiusalU, Rolla, E. had flown' there from Cambria, and is visiting with her sister, Mrs Earl T. Galloway. The Etown Home Bureau met Wednesday at the home of Charlotte Flynn, with the Home Adviser giving the lesson on "Buy--ing Dresses.

The minor lesson was "Left over Breads The next meeting will be June 22 at 1 oclock at Elaine Shetlers home. Leonard Ralph from Los Angeles spent a day here visiting Gilbert Holbrook and family and Elmer Ralph and family. Tommy Russell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chajriea Russell underwent an operation on one knee by a bone specialist in the hospital in Ros-clare yesterday, after it was learned his knee which had bothered Mrs- John Gpeth and chUdren and him since his fall last winter had Paul, Tom and Bob Patton and day week end here.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Roach, Kaskaskia entertained Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lane, Mr.

and Mrs. Glenn Deitschman, Mr, and JIrs. David Herrick and 'children, Forest Ranger and Mrs. Marvin Marshall and children, and Mr. and spend the holi- Mr.

and Mrs. Clifford Nashland cub a draining ditch dug, so I the fieid wUl dry, the Miners will begin playing at home. high blood pressure and inflamed yu eat will be provided for eyes. He plans to return Boon to I Eddyvllle Scenic Sights, Inc. Is Davenport, la, where he has been I concerned 'with developing the working.

I scenic beauty the area The of- Guests of Mrs. Lela Stone lastficer8 are Qoy President; week were Mrs. Joesle Wyatt and Mathe A. Gebauer, Secretary; and a Clifton Baylous, after spending a 1 Mrs. Phillips sister, Mrs.

Janice Springer in Evansville, Mrs. J. W. Owens in Caseyville, and brother Bob Day in Saiemj Kyjweek In Fulton, with Mr. Coy remained with relatives grandfather, Jim Davis, Kentucky.

joined Mrs. Baylous here for a High school closing at Rosiclare Weeks viait wlther AU last week, Mrs. J. T. 'Hearell acJ burned to Waukegan, Sunday, companied her husband to East were accompanied home by Louis, Monday.

Gwyndien and Chas. Otto Joycq, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Roman Davis and Ralph Aly, Publicity.

granddaughters, Tolu, and Mr. and Mrs. Marten Sterna, Fairfield. Mr, and Mrs. Arthur G.

Johnson spent MondaJ1 and Tuesday In St Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnston, Sharpe, were week end visitors here. Miss Norma Karbef and Mary Louise Lane who work In Spring-field, spent the holiday week end with relatives here.

James Spivey, who works In Ottawa, spent the holiday week end here with his mother, Mrs. Grace Spivey. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Joiner came from Paducah to spend the holiday with relatives here.

Larry Rutherford pitched a 3 hit game. Vienna' scored two runs In the top of the first. They held this lead until the third inning, when the locals came up with their first run. With one out, Jennings reached first on an errhr. Piland then forced Jennings at second but later stole second.

As the throw went to center field, Piland went to third. Oxford then drove him In with an Infield hit to the thipd base' man. Trailing 2-1, Jennings led off the fifth with a walk, Piland reached first on an error as Jennings took third. Then with one out, Jack Hale lined his second hit of the game over the right fielders head for a triple Jennings and Piland scoring the tying and leading runs. In the last of the sixth, Rosiclare added two more insurance runs.

Riggs was by a pitched ball. Mayor Split Lip Doing Home Work Mayor C. T. Cochran of Elizabethtown suffered a split In his lip that required 20 sitches to close, Saturday morning, when the rung of the ladder on which he stood, painting window frames of his home, broke, and he fell. He didnt fall all the way to the ground 1 -his chin and one arm struih and hung on a lower rung of thd ladder.

After he descended the rest of the way to the ground, his wife took hint In their car to the doctor In yddrtjba to the cut In his lip, he suffered bruised arm' and chest. Rfflsiclare, lous. Billy Oxford, Carbondale, spent the-week end with his grandmother Mrs. Belle Holbrook. Mr.

and Mrs. Ralph Surkamp and son, Gary, of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Carter Brown and son, David, Benton, were week end guests of Mr.

and Mrs. Julian Bo-hanon. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bohanon and children spent the week end with Mrs.

Bohanons parents, Mr. and Mrs. Riley, Benton, Ky. Monday, Mr. Bphanon and a brother-in-law Mrs.

Freddie Baugher closed her restaurant here last week and accompanied her husband to Peoria, the first of the week. Misses Peggie and Brenda Rudolph, Paducah, were guests last week of-Mrs. Mary Moreland and Clarence. Mg. and Mrs.

Nathaniel Hobbs went to Chester, Friday, to be present at the graduation from High School of Misses Dora and Jean Frailey, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dan Frailey. They were accompanied home by Miss Jean, who is spending two weeks Cypress 1 4 .2003 Metropolis C. 3 3 .0003 and Kaskaskia, Sunday.

and Mrs. Murray Moore visited his father F. H. Moore, Carrs-ville, Monday. Mr.

Moore is 87 years old. A hinge Inserted In her broken hip so that she Is able to be up at times on cruitches, Mrs. George Fletcher was brought to the home of daughter, Mrk. George Loyd, Friday, from the hospital in Roel-clare. Her daughter and husband, Mr.

and Mrs. Orval Suits, Dixon, spent the holiday week end here with her, and Mr. Loyd spent Sunday in Fredonia, Ky. Herschel Ferrell came from Bedford, where he is employed, to spend the holiday week end here with Sheriff and Mrs. W.

Ferrell and other relatives. John Yandells sister Kate came from Marion, Sunday to be with Mr, and Mrs. Yandell. Mr. and Mrs.

Alfred Edwards and sons came from Inkster, a splintered bona It was hoped he could come home today, be in an immovable cast until Friday, and then get around in a plastic cast for six weeks. James Lucian Pankey and wife from. Chicago, visited his sister Agnes Pankey at Herod Sunday. William Birch, aged 15, son of Mrs. Earl Hayes caught a hackle-back and an eel, Tuesday, fishing In the Ohio River at Elizabethtowns' park.

He was using worms for bait. The hackle-back tore line off the reel when Birch set the hook, but he managed to land the fish. He gave It to Pete Watson. -Miss Mabel Hurford of Chicago, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

C. A. Hurford on route 1. Mr. and Mrs.

Herbert McDowell and (laughters of Peoria, 111., spent the week end with Mrs. McDowells parents. Mr. and Mrs. C.

A. Hurford on route 1, with them. Others from the count, had good luck fishing at Kentucky two QUt pUand Hned Ws sec. Lake. They were accompanied home by Mrs.

Joe Randall Ely and two children. imcii who attended were Mr. and Mrs. James A. Frailey.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Frailey and Mary Ellen, Cave-in-Rock. They were 89 In in the class.

Mrs. Ernie Winters, Champaign, and Mrs. Hubert Hudson, and children, SL Louis, were guests over the week end of Mr. and Mrs. James Volkert, near Midway.

Mrs. Mary Moreland and ond hit of the game to right cen-I ter for a triple. Riggs scored and i the relay from the outfield was wild, Piland also scored. In last Inning, Vienna, who (had previously scored 12 runs in the ninth Inning to beat Metro-polls, attempted a come-back rally. However, Rosiclares defense tlght- ened and held them to one run and a 5-3 victory.

1 The line score: Vienna 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 3 5 1 Rosiclare 0 0 1 0 2 t5 3 4 STANDINGS Rosiclare 4 0 1.000 0 Round Knob 1 4 0 1.000 0 Vienna 22 .5002 Golconda 2J2 .500 2 Metropolis 2 3 .400 2 Grand Chain -L 12 .3332 Lightning Starts -Fire Alarm Siren Lightning did not start a fire, but started an alarm when struck the flag pole on the courthouse, Saturday at 11 :35 a m. and ran in on 'the wires to the fire siren. This burned up a Condenser, setting the siren to sounding. The sirens sound was peculiar, but volunteer firemen ran an; Finally the main switch thrown, stopping the whining noise. Repairs were made by R.

F. Benson of the Hardin County Telephone Co. to spend the week end here and Mrs. Dodd Gibson went to St. decorate the grave of the baby of Louis, Tuesday, to meet her daugh-1 the family ih Beavers ter, Sarah, on her way home from I Their home formerly was at Peters the university at Tucson, Creek.

where she completed her Junior Twenty-eight dinner guests at year. With a party of students the home of Mr. and Mrs. Haggle College of Arkansas, for the sum1 Miss Gibson plans to sail from 1 Ferrell, Sunday, Included Mr. andimer- Miss Donna Watson, Tru- will go to visit with their son and brother James Carl Moreland and family in McKenzie, -this week and Mr.

Moreland will take his mother to Jonesboro, where she will enter the State Stretching It? LIKE everyone else, youve, found that a dollar doesnt go far these days. Just remem--ber, if fire destroys your home, i.t will cost you more than ever to get back to normal. 0 Is your insurance protectibn UP to the KIBLER INSURANCE AGENCY man. has been visiting her auht, Mrs. Moreland, here the past week.

Tom Humm, Murphysboro, spent Simday with his uncle, Abner Humm and wife, near Midway. Mr. and Mr. Jimmy Pollen and baby of Chicago, spent the week end visiting his relatives at El-chom. Mr.

Pollen is the son of the late Mrs. Bessie Koch Pollen. Mrs. Effie Conn, Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Troy Hosick, Suzanne and Sandra and Mrs. Raymond Hosick spent Memorial Day at Kentucky New York, Europe. Mrs. John Yandells condition Bill Foreman, Sturgis, Mr. continues critical.

Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Vernon Asbridge, Corbin, Charles Guliett came from Decatur Mrs. Stella Hardesty, Marion, Sunday, for a visit with her.

Ben Robertson, Marion, Mrs. Fred Reithel. Rosiclare, and Mr. and Mrs. J.

P. Bayne Mrs. her son Marian, home from teach-J Fannie Robertson and Mrs Ora lng duties' in Union City, Moyers, Rosiclare. called on County Superintendent df 1 C. T.

Cochran and Ed Barnett Schools Raymond Foster, Monday. returned home. Friday from Bull U. S. Foresters held meetings at Shoals, where they had been the Kaskaskia Experiment Forest fishing but no luck.

There had from Tuesday through Friday last been rain and windstorms all last week. Among those attending were week while they were there. PHONE 95 BOSICLARE Old Testament Examples H. E. Ochsmer, John Von Bargen J.

T. Hearell. former sheriff oti'ake- Enroute home they visited CAVE-IN-ROCK. ILL. Mrs.

Mattie Roundtree at Sharpe, Ky. "By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an Inheritance, obeyed; and he zz. bin franklin: 4:. "4, famous name cam thee: and I will make at thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a Messing: and I will bless them that Mess thee, and curse them that curse th thee; and In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Surely this call must have been a very severe test of Abraham's faith.

To leave a comfortable home and friends and go out into a strange land. The reason Abraham was willing to live as a stranger and sojourner in Canaan was because he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker Is God. If we believe God and want to go to heaven we will obey as did Abraham. went out, not knowing whither he went By faith he sojourned In the land of promise, as In a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise: For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God Heb. 11.8-10.

In Gen. 12.1-3 is recorded a substance of the original call Now the Lord had said to Abraham, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy fathers house, unto a land that I will show FRI. SAT MON. 3 DAYS Mr. and Mrs.

D. Duffield and daughter, Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Paris, Springfield, spent the week end with Mrs. Duffield and BlllParts' parents, Mr.

and Mrs. A. xCParia, Sr. Mr. and Mrs.

Dewey Green Urbane -Champaign, spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Raymond Rose. Nathaniel Hobbs took Mrs. Lela Hobbs, Jacksonville, and Mrs. Mln- nie Sullivan, to Shawneetown Sun-I day where they visited Mrs.

Isle I Hobbs. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Winters and Mrs Sam Bamaby, Springfield, I spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs Clyde L.

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