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THE CHICAGO TRIBUTE: SATTJKDAY, FEBRTTARY 10, 1900. NEW STEEL TUBE PLANS. 11 rfGranffifiiiiiiinl Tim fnV M' Chicago Boston Philadelphia St. Louis 23.615.403 25,437.030 19.242,025 21, 575.04S 14.134,344 tEx. div.

1 per cent tEx. div. 2 per cent. EXPRESS STOCKS. Adams 115! United States 47 147 1 Fargo 123 GOVERNMENT BONDS.

3.778,870 Baltimore .1, Ot.l. 571 DETAILS OP Tlin UKORGAMZATIOS OF THE MIICLIIV COMPAXV. ISSUE OF $23,000,000 New York exchange sold yesterday as 3oc discount before clearings- 40c discount after; St. Louis. 7oc discount bid'- 50c discount asked, PUBLIC OUT OF THE MARKET.

U. S. old 4s, res ..114 TJ. S. old 4s, 114 TJ.

IT. TJ. S. 2s, reg 102 S. 3s, reg lo9 S.

3s. coup Large Profits-Absolute Security-Monthly Dividends. I 1 Z-v. iin u. 5.

os. ree U. S. 5s. coud .112 new reg i.s U.

S. new 4s, 134 Dist. of Col. 3.65s.. 118 NEW YORK BOND SALES AND QUOTATIONS 10 A.

M. TO 3 P. M. Wall Street Commission Houses Get Few Orders and the General Tone Is Irregular. Combination by Frank O.

J.nirilrn Has Authorized Capital of Tt-mi! to Stockholders Directors anil I'robnble OtUoern of I'lunts Involved Forecast of liank Statement In the Local C'luiiiuK Curb Prices. Inc 24S25 41000 do 2d inell4i l2 5OO0 M-StL con5sll2U lOOOO A-Tlst 4s 9292 300O0 do 2d. l.VMKj K-T ex 5s 52 lOOOO Mo con, 6s. 117 (do tr lOOOdo'lstcoll 5s 92 2OO0 do 3d 11a 9000 Atch gen 4s lOOVatOl SCOOOdo 83683 3oo0 ACOSs lo2 50O0 AnnArbor 4s 93 8000 A-N 97 5oouij B-O 1002(5 101 J2O0OU B-O SW 3i.s 6iCtgS9' 2o000 Bkln Un El 1st 95a95 4000 W-W eff SB. Lens WADE, GUTHRIE CO of v.

The opportunity offered Investors by this company is unexcelled, we equaled, by any other zinc compa United States. nipaB, the Xot only the opportunity f0P ma-nincent profits, but the opportun ff knowing at all times the exact condition of their company. dividends are paid promptly on the first of each month, one per cent on par to all stockholders of record on the 25th of th preceding month. At the present price of 200OI) M-St IL 4s. an investment as this is nnqueetionable; and ts security is assured by properties whose Vain, has been attosted the examination of tha Public Accountants, as per their certifled reports.

fROSpECTfS containing these reports in full, with detailed statement" of earnings, expenses and net profits from tht various mines. 100,000 SHARES are now offered for public subscription at 05c. PER SHARE, to complete the balance of the purchase priM anc pay for the new mills now beinir built. Ihe shares are of the par value of $1.00 each, and are fully paid and nonassessable. Application far etrw-L- mii on lias 5s ...116 40000 Ceii Pac 8i First General Llorfgago 4'; Gold Bond: Ida 11000 dVVs" wsl Bin hj Can So 1st" 107 lfOOdo 2d 109 lbow Cen Ga con 5s OOSOO1: 3000 C-O con 5s.

.119 uie investor of nearly 14 per cent per annum in cash 4O0O do R-A 1st. lOl102 14000 C-E I gen 5s 113ail4 Dy remit- "ccT8d eithar of the following sffice 1 vmiLu. ue profit of such gUIJ 3000 M-StP conl07 1O00 do 12000 do grn 4s.lllVf( lOOO StP-M lst.lX5 120iOC-E 1st 5s. .110 1000 Met 4s. 9 2000MCf3 109 aoooo O-W 4s.

KWBlOei 1000 3 Us 97 12000 3v; S0O0 1st. .110 loooo do reg 110 5OU0 C-St 1st 12S129 GOOO G-E os. 1044 34(A0 N-W con 4s. 94 94 4000 gen lieu 66 2OO00 do prior 4s. lO4104 1000 do tenna 118 KXKI R-N 4S.

lOOOO SI, con5s.H4 60O0 PacCoust 1st 1o75j107 9000 P-E 1st t7 22J00 Rd gen 4s. 85iA85i 11000 R-D con 6s. 1218122 31000 St 1st 89 90 45000 do 2d 59 30O00 St L-I 5s.lll 35omdo 4s 81gl 5O00 V-N 4s OhfiflSSi JOSHUA BROUn a Danker flQ "ril r- rs, rfuurxtRY, CHICAGO. 89 State-st, Boston. Dated September 20th, 1899.

Due July 1st, 1934. Interest payable January 1st and July 1st, In the City of New York. GUARANTEED AS TO INTEREST BY THE ST. LOUIS TRUST COMPANY, Lessee. TOTAL AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE, $45,000,000.

Reserved for underlying divisional liens $14,000,000 Reserved for acquisitions, betterments, and improvements 8,000,000 Present Issue 23,000,000 $45,000,000 TOTAL AMOUNT OF CAPITAL STOCK, $45,000,000. Preferred Stock. Common Stock. Reserved $8,435,000 Reserved $7,652,500 Issued 11.565,000 issued 17,347,500 He. 421 ChfL.t-u..

ooo $1,000 FIRST MORTGAGE BY E. W. HARDEN. New York. Feb.

0. Special. Professionals ruled today's stock market. The public was not in the market for securities and commission houses reported the smallest demand today for stocks for investment purposes of any day since the advance bc-an last week. As a result the market was irregular and, compared with previous days' transactions, there was little activity.

Total sales today were only a little in excess of 400,000 shares. One reason for the lethargy displayed was the fact that the Stock Kxchange will be closed over Monday because of Lincoln's birthday, and traders displayed an unwillingness to carry stocks over three days in the present state of the market. The news from south Africa was not of a reassuring character, and added to this tfcfcre was considerable selling of stocks by arbitrage houses. Early London cables were strong, but before the opening of the market there was a sharp decline in London prices, which the street accepted as proof that bad news from the seat of war had become known there which had not been made public. The subsequent report that the Rothschilds had news of the relief of Lady-smith was not sufficient to counteract the bad impression resulting from the selling for foreign account.

The decline in the quotations for many of the stocks traded in by Iondon had the effect of stopping the sales through arbitrage houses. Only of the "Western Union's authorized bond issue of is to be put out in the near future. A syndicate composed of Kuhn. Loeh Farson. Iach and other bond houses has bought $10,000,000 of the bonds, to be taken as issued by the company.

Farson, Leach Co. have placed large Part cf the bonds they have purchased in Chicago. The bonds are to retire outstanding Issues as they fall due. The directors decided to provide in a single issue for all the honds the company is likely to be called upon to nut out in the next ten years rather than to Issue those needed in the next two years, and to follow these with another issue. Sugar was again hammered in today's market.

Under persistent selling, in part credited to Consolidated Exchange houses, quotations declined from 112 to though there was a subsequent recovery to a close at HO'i. Compared with yesterday there was a loss of points. There continued to be stories in Wall street of the directors having determined to cut the dividend rate in two. even if it should not be reduced below those figures. Directors of the company say no announcement will be made as to the dividend until it is declared.

No discussion as to the probable rate has been had by members of the board, according to President Havemeyer. Gold shipments from the United States to London are a probability of the near future, in the opinion of the President of one of the principal banks in New York. The banker said today he had advices that a big war loan had been decided 130(100 So 4s.83&83 200O0 St M-O cons 135 120O0 Chi: Terml 4s 4000 ColMid 1st 4s 72m 000 do 2 4s. 15UOO Colo So 84 1 JOO C-St gm 4s 9 3000 B-Q con 7sl12 WHK do IllDiv3slo4 7i0 C-CoalCo IstlOft 3lo0 M-M LG. 22 121100 Erie 1st con 4 90 150000 do gen 3000 V-G 1st 7 10o 4000 Ft W- 1st 71 11O00 H-Sa lst.lir2 1ixm H-H Ist5sl04 2iMK) Ga Pac 121 10O0 H-TC gm 4s 80 8000 1 I-I 1st 109 F1O0O Int Paper fisloti KhkW 111 4s 1952L 104 50O0 P-G 1st 72 4iK) K-O 1st 119 5000 E-St'LUst con 5s B9 10000 LVal Terml.

113 L-N P-A lstlll 1('kK) L-W 5s. .103 980O0 Mex Cen 1st La Salle Street and Jackson Boulevard OLD $20,000,000 $25,000,000 10O0 St P-S lst.130 1O00O T-N 103 IOOO P-W 4 84 KjoO Tex 1st 5s.H3!4 14HOO St L-K 14000 30000 Pac 4sl04fr 100O0 Va! fund -debt 80 1000 Wab 1st 5s. .116 4O0O do 2d 9 71OO0dodebBsg 34000 Wis C1tm IOOO II 5s 112 4WXHI NY-P 1000 Btd 4s. 114 BOMBS ST. LOUIS TRUST COMPLY, St.

Louisjrustoo NETTING CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 000 each to bearer, with privileg-e of reg-is- nited States gold coin of, or equal to, the ithout deduction for any tax or taxes which, CONDITION OF THE TREASURY. 6,000,000 These bonds are Coupon Bonds of $1, tration of principal. Principal and interest are payable in TJ present standard of weight and fineness, under any present or future laws of the TJni State of Missouri, the company may be re al. State, or municipal purposes. These bonds cannot be redeemed be gage on all the real estate, franchises, sto Statement Showing the Available Cash Balance and the Gold INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS IS BANKING AND SAVINGS DEPARTMENTS ted States of America, or of the laws of the quired to pay or retain therefrom for nation-fore maturity, and are secured by a mort-cks, bonds, leaseholds, and property of nty of St.

Louis, now belonging to, or which by, said Railways Company. 5, 5, 6. Secured on Valuable Improved fn-come Producing CHICAGO REAL ESTATE. Pe'abodjr Uoughtelmg Co 164- Dearborn-st. BONDS: Government, State, Count.

City and choica Railroad Bonds bought and sold. every kind or description in the City and Cou may hereafter be constructed or acquired WASHINGTON D. C. Feb. 10.

Today's statement of the condition of the Treasury shows: Available cash balance. $296,117,547: gold reserve. IX THE FOREIGX MOXEY MARKET. FOREIGN EXCHANGE: on and that when announcement was made of CAdit, Drafts, Postal and Cable Transiers. the government plan there would be an immediate advance in the Bank of England's discount rate, and that London would immediately start a drain of gold from the United States.

The banks in New York have large gold holdings at present, and the I'nited Stmes Treasury holds nearly S220.0:i.0i0 of gold, though this is some less than the reserve at the beginning TRUST DEPARTMENT: Acts as Administrator, Executor, Guardian. Conservator, Assignee, Receiver, Transier Agent and Registrar; makes investments and acts as agent the collection and disbursem*nt of incomes. Trust funds and trust investments are kept separate from the assets of the bank. SAFETY DEPOSIT TAULTS. of December.

The possibility ot a renewal of gold shipments has undoubtedly kept some of the big investors out of the market. Tomorrow's bank statement is not expected to be as as those of the last several weeks. THE UNITED RAILWAYS COMPANY OF ST. LOUIS Is a corporation chartered by the State of Missouri, with an authorized capital of 820,000.000 5 cumulative Preferred Stock, and $25,000,000 Common tock. Of the former, $11,565,000 has been issued, and is reserved for future acquisitions, betterments, and Improvements; of the latter $17,347,500 has been issued and $7,652,500 Is reserved for future acquisitions, betterments, and improvemen ts.

The Company was authorized under an ordinance from the City of St. Louis to construct about 80 miles of street railway In that City and to acquire by lease or purch ase other street railroads. The franchise runs fifty years from April 12th, 1S08. This Company has acquired by deed all of the railroad lines, properties, and franchises, a nd substantially all of the shares of stock of the following Companies except the St. Louis Traction Company and the St Louis Railroad Company one of the roads Included In tho National System.

Of the former it owns all the stock, and of the latter mo re than, twa-thirds. State Bank The Subtreasury has gained in the neighborhood Cash Capital One riillion Dollars. of from New York banks during the week, notwithstanding the payments for February interest have exceeded $2,250,000. Receipts of currency from the interior for the week ending todav have amounted to only a little more than SI.WO.000 net. IX TIIE XEW YORK MOXEY MARKET.

of Chicago. CHAflBER OF COrtrtERCE BUILDING. General Tendency of Cash and Securities in Wall Street. NEW YORK, Feb. 9.

There seemed to be a complete withdrawal today of the general interest in the stock market, which was so conspicu ous a factor in the active trading of the early idays of the week. The two days' reaction in Allows INTEREST on DEPOSITS in its BANKING and SAVINGS Departments. Issues LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers and sells DRAFTS and FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Acts as ADMINISTRATOR, EXECUTOR and TRUSTEE. Draws WILLS Free of Charge.

Tendency of Cash and Securities in Loudon, Paris, and Berlin. NEW YORK, Feb. 9. The Commercial-Advertiser's London financial cablegram says: This was a day of adverse war rumors in the market here, and falling prices restricted business. Consols were lol.

but closed at 101 on the news of General Macdonald's retirement, it being apprehended that his reinforcements had been intercepted. Paris was disturbed by the report from Boer sources that General Puller had again been driven across the Tugela. The continued talk of mutiny of the Egyptian forces also caused an uneasy feeling, and wild hints were current today that the Eighth Army Division had been sent to Egypt Instead of to south Africa. Not one of these rumors was confirmed in any way. Americans were steady till after noon, when London sola freely in the midst of the general unrest.

New York took Erie first preferred, leaving the rest of the list alone. Grand Trunks were an exception, being boomed on the surprising dividend. The bank bought f31.000 gold in bars. Money was scarcer than it has been, but for bills there was only small application. Silver closed i 27' on Indian Eastern buying.

LONDON. Feb. 9. The market for American securities fluctuated somewhat after a steady opening, and then declined. Grand Trunk securities, however, were especially active, and advanced on the announcement of a dividend.

The preferred stock showed the greatest strength. The final tone of the market was dull. Business was restricted. The amount of bullion taken into the Bank of England on balance today was 31.1X10. Consols for money, 101: do for the account, 101: Canadian Pacific.

99: Erie. 12: Erie Prst preferred. 38: Illinois Central. 116; Union Pacific preferred. 72: St.

Paul common. 120; "-lew York Central. 1:18: Pennsylvania. 68: Reading. 9: Northern Pacific preferred (ex 77; Atchison.

21; Louisville, 83; Grand Trunk. 8: Anaconda, 9. Bar silver steady. 27 7-16d per ounce. Money, 2 per cent.

The rate of discount In the open market for short bills as 3 per cent. The rate of discount in the open market for three months bills was 3-Vfa31 per cent. PARIS, Feb. 9. Business on the bourse today was irregular at the opening on the indefinite war news, but afterwards prices were maintained.

Ivaihrs were dull on the announcement that Gen-e 3l Macdonaid had bten expected to retire from Kookoosberg. Transactions were scarce, speculators being disinclined to do business In view- of prevailing uncertainty. Near the close the market received a decided setback. IX THE BOSTOX MOXEY MARKET. The Shelby Steel Tube company, a new corporation with an authorized capital stock of of which will be preferred and common, has been or-Riinized by Frank O.

Lowden. The combination Is in effect a reorganization of the Shelby Steel Tube company on a larger basis to meet the growth of business. The capital stock Issue of the present Shelby Steel Tube company is The reorganization is on the following The stockholders of that company are to receive In preferred stock in the new company for each share of ktock held in the old company one-hall' of on share of preferred mock and three-fuurihs of cme sliare of common stock. The retst of the pre-len-ed stock, with an equal amoifnt of comuiun tick, was distributed amuinr capitalists. Air.

LowUen says the motives of the reorganization were to distribute some of the stock among inlluential people who will help to extend the business or the company, and to have the stock widely enoucrh distributed so that il may more readily have a market value. the directors include President H. Coleman of the American Kicycie company, ami A. A Pope and H. A.

lazier, who are directors of that The usa of steel tubing is essential in bisques. The directors are: V. E. Miller. Cleveland.

O. Albert A. I'ope, iioston. Ma-sa. K.

L. Colernau. Chicago. H. A.

Lazier, Cleveland, O. fi. J. Wtiliams, Shelby, O. E.

V. Brooklyn. N. T. S.

Hoyt, Newcastle, Pa. John l. McKinney, Titusville, Pa. F. J.

Caroian, San Francisco, Cal. Frank O. Lowdcn, Chicago. James B. LdlL, Kast N.

J. It is expected that the olllcers of the old company will take charge of the new company. They W. E. Miller.

Treasurer W. H. Miller. fecrelary H. II.

co*ckley. N. A. Gilbert will be general counsel. The stock, it is expected, will be listed on the Chicago Stock Exchange.

In his prospectus Mr Jiltn says the business Is the manufacture of teamleiS steal tubes. The company is enabled to take a solid steel billet and draw it Into a hollow neamless tube of any shape and dimensions up to four Inches in diameter. Mr. Lowdcn Statement. Mr.

Ixiwden says: The government requires this form of tubing in all its marine construction, the railroads are using il largely and Increasingly for locomotive boiler tubing, it is essential in bicycles, and is used in many other forms. There Is no conflict, as I understand it, between the troduct of this company and the product of the National Tube company. The business proved profitable from the first and has steadily grown until the, assets of the new Fhelhy Steel Tube company will be in excess of This does not include good will nor the 1'nfnta and secret processes, though th owners of plants believe that their patents and a number of their secret processes are the most valuable a.seta. The Shelby company during the five years preceding June 1. earned $1,76,764.

or an average a year of Hut of preferred stock will be issued, and but of common stock. Tne Snelby company has from time to time acquired other companies until it now owns practically all the plains engaged in this line of business. These companies are as follows: Newcastle Tube company. MoOool Tube company. I Auburn nut and bolt works.

Hercules sieamless Tube company. 1 The Pope Tube company, absorbed in 1S99. The tubing end of the business of the United Ptats Projectile company. The tubing end of the business of the Mansfield machine works. II wood Weldless Tube company.

Ureenvllle Tube company. America tVeldless Tubing company of Toledo. prewer Seamless Tubing company of Toledo. I I'nited States Standard Prawn Steel company. The Shelby Steel Tube company of Ohio.

"The Albany Manufacturing company of Albany, absorbed In Lackner, Butz Miller have been associated with me In the organization of this company. It is believed that if one of the old companies with average net assets of about SUTxMMsj earned $.157. uoo a year, on an average, for the last five or more than enough to pay dividends on the entire preferred stock of the new company, the new company, ith between five and six times as larse a capital, ought to make substantial earnings upon the common stock. The intention of the organizers of the company has been: First To have the preferred stock represented dollar for dollar by tangible assets, and. as has been poiiifnl out, this has been exceeded by several hundred thousand dollars.

Second To permit the common stock only fairly to represent the good will, patents, and secret processes. It is believed that this purpose also is accomplished." The subscription lists were closed on Jan. 20. applications having been received for the full amount. Tne general offices of the company are at Cleveland now.

There is a possibility that they may be removed to Chicago, but nothing has been determined on that point. nk Statement Forecast. Indications are that the New York bank statement today will be unfavorable. It is the tirst one since the government ceased depositing money, and th only source of increase is the movement of funds from the interior, which ap-jarently has been small up to time. Of the increase of more than in deposits shown in last week's statement.

whs the additional capital of the National city Bank which had just been paid in. The forecast sent cut front New York last evening said that time money was firmer in tone and that the larger lenders were requiring 4 per cent as the minimum, as against per cent the day before. The forecast said: The known movements of money have he-run to reflect the renewal of absorptions of money by New York Subtreasury, and. although local banks started the week with a credit of SiouO.ooO im account of the payment of government interest Feb. 1.

at the close of the week ended last night they showed a loss to the Subtreasury of In the week before the banks had gained from the Subtreasury $174,000, and in tho previous week The net result of the interior express this week was a gain in cash to the banks of which the Subtreasury absorptions Cut down to The banks shipped direet by express this week and received The shipments last week were 550 and In the previous week amounted to $Gt8 iioo The receipts by express last week were $2 U34 (iti Bnd it; the previous week $4.7:55,776. These hxures do not cover the movement of money ay registered mail." Local Stock Market. The local stock market was quiet except for the activity in Metropolitan Elevated preferred. It (old up to M'. The low price was and tho riose lit, total sales amounted to 2.611 shares.

I he activity was accompanied by a renewal of the report that a dividend disbursem*nt might be looked for In the near future. No information on pie subject, however, was obtainable. Diamond Mat. a was slightly weaker. It sold at 127 and Uir.

closm? at the low figure. Other Financial na. An official of the People's Gaslight and co*ke company is authority for the statement that no chanses will take place in the Board oi Directors at tne annual meeting of stockholders today. Tho report was that the Rockefellers had acquired a large inteiest in the company and that hey would have a representative on the Board of Directors after today's meeting. he reported combine of the American Tinplate company.

National Steel company, and American Steel Hoop company is denied in Chicago. The three companies are virtually in the hands of the same people. The National Steel company furnishes the raw material for the two other corporations, so that their business relations are necessarily close. Application has been ma.1 to the New York Mock Exchange to list $22,500,000 fifty-year first leneral mortgage gold bonds of 19l4 of the AVis-coiisiii Central railroad company, ami $11. 111.700 i per cent non-cumulative preferred stock, and of the common stock.

President Glid len has served notice on stork-riolriera of the Erie system of telephones that the annual meeting will be held In Detroit next Monday, when a proposition will be submitted to tiie capital stock of the full company from to S10.0O0.0O0. This increase is to pav for the stocks and bonds of the re -entlv purchased Detroit and State line properties and to pa off outstanding indebtedness. The Consolidated Rubber Tire company has de-c In red a quarterly dividend of l'i per cent on its Preterred stock, payable on March 1. Books close on Feb 20 and reopen on March 2. -Viilmlne.

Bodman Co. of the Board of Trad 'H add a stock and bond department. They have purchased a membership on the New York fetock Exchange Closing; Cnrb Prices. Closing curb prices on unlisted securities In New WANTED, BY A PROMINENT NEW YORK BANKINa AND BOND HOUSE, TO REPRESENT IT IN CHICAGO AND VICINITY, AN ENERGETIC AND EXPERIENCED MAN, HAVING A LARGE ACQUAINTANCE AMONG FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND PRIVATE INVESTORS. A GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF INVESTHENT SECURITIES REQUIRED.


directors: Thomas Murdoch. Chan. L. Hutchinson. M.

J. Wentworth. Henry C. Durand. JohnH.

Dwight. A. P. Johnson. Ttaeo.

Freeman. H. A. Haugan. John R.

Llnderen. SECURITY OF MORTGAGE. The United Railways Company acquired the following shares of stocks of street railways included in Its system, all of which sh ares have been deposited with the St. Louis Trust Company, Trustees: Shares Total Shares Acquired. Shares.

Outstanding. 50 Delmar Avenue and Clayton Rail way Company 50 None 1,000 St. Louis Cross County Railway Company 1,000 2,000 Midland Street Railway Company 2,000 120 St. Louis, Clayton Creve Coeur Railway 120 407 St. Louis County Street Railway Company 4G7 634 Clayton Forest Park Railway Company 661 27 80,000 Union Depot Railway Company.

30,000 None 22,986 Missouri Railroad Company 22,986 99,9114 Lindell Railway Company 100,000 6 24,950 National Railway Company of 111. 25,000 50 9,953 Southern Electric Railway Comp any, Preferred 10,000 47 5,000 Southern Electric Railway Comp'any, Common 5,000 None 20 St. Louis Traction Company 20 SIXCE THE ACQI ISITIOX OP Sl'CII SHARES THE COMPANY HAS. UNDER THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI, ACQUIRED BY PURCHASE ALL THE PROPERTY. RIGHTS.

FRANCHISES. AND PRIVILEGES OF THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES Union Depot Railroad Company, togethe with the Grand Avenue Railway Company. Lindell Railway Company, together with the Missouri Railroad Company, the Forest Park, Laclede, and' Fourth Street Railway Company, the Compton Heights, Union Depot and Merchants' Terminal Railroad Company, the Taylor Avenue Railway Company, the Vandeventer Avenue Railroad Company, and the Delmar Avenue and Clayton Railroad Company. Southern Electric Railroad Company. Cass Avenue and Fair Grounds Railwa Company.

Citizens' Railway Company. St. Louis, Clayton and Creve Coeur Lake Railroad Company. St. Louia County Street Railway Company.

St. Louis Cross County Railroad Company. Midland Street Railway Company. Jefferson Avenue Railroad Company. Also the properties operated under the ame of Clayton and Forest Park Railway.

This mortgage is directly secured by these properties, subject to divisional liens bearing from 5 to 7 per cent interest, amounting to a total of $13,908,100, of which $5,003,100 can be retired within the next two years, with an annual saving in interest of $54,623 when replaced by 4 bonds. prices served to discourage the outside demand, and orders to commission houses fell to practically nothing. There wai a continual dribble of realizing sales all day, and the bears Industriously pecked at the market here and there, wherever they detected evidences of realizing or of long stock offered for sale. The most notable price movements were in speculative industrials and specialties. Late in the day on the report of a new British reverse at Ladysmith the bears made a determined ratd on Sugar and Third Avenue, forcing them off an extreme 3 and tpi.

respectively. The general list failed to respond In any marked degree, and support was accorded to the stocks attacked, forcing the bears to cover. They made a final futile attempt against St. Paul, but the market closed generally firm, and at rallies in the stocks hich had been attacked of from 1 to 2Vt. Money on call steady, at 22' per cent; last loan, 2 per cent.

Prime mercantile paper, 4fd5 per cent. Sterling exchange, firm, with actual business In bankers' bills at 4-73 for demand and at 4S4ti for sixtv davs; posted rates, 4Soft 4SSU. Commercial bills. Silver certificates. Bar silver, DOT.

Mexican dollars, tioverninent bonds steady. State bonds steady. Railroad bonds irregular. NEW YORK STOCK TRANSACTIONS. Closing Description.

Pales. High. Low. Feb.9. Feb.S.

Amn. Sugar 07,300 1 lop-'-i Hoi, 113 Amn. Tobacco 4S.000 lon'i 105U lOh'-i I06V1 Do ser. loo loo loo Am. Tin Plate 300 34 33 34V 34i Am.

Cotton Oil 5(H) 34 A. T. fc Cable Co. 20 97 t'7 f7 Wij Am. 25 140 140 140 147' Am.

Smelting 1,100 42 4U4 41" 41i4 Do 170 14 Mli HI Am. Steel Wire 9.3oO l7 r.ti 67i 57ti Do pfd 300 W-J'-i 93 Atchison 1.O0O '2(M 2014 2o--i Do pfd 4 BMi 03 S9 Am. Steel OoO 47ti 47 47i 47 Do pfd 5o0 85 84U S5 Anaconda l.loo 4HH 44 44 4i Amn. 200 15Va 15t4 35ii Do pfd 1,000 6-S'i t7 ov'j, Am. Malting 1n) 1114 6 6 Do pfd 27L, 27 27 Am.

Car Foundry PP-i Jtpi pp itp Vnn Ar. Ry. pfd. 2oo 4tj 45 4t 4 Am. Dist 250 20 2Mi 20 Amn.

050 43 ti 42Vi 42" 43 Bkln. Rap. Tran.3o,ooo 73'j 72 73-Tr 73 Brunswick 50 13U, J3 13 13--4 Balto. Kl il4 2 Do pfd 700 'Hn 70Vi 70S 77li Bkln. I'll.

5O0 150 150 150 149 B. 0.7OO 125V, 141 124 125Vi C. N. IOO 1I2 If.2 102 14 M. St.

15,000 124 122 123 124 THE LOAD AtlD TRUST GO. Capital and Surplus, $3,700,000 Accepts Trusts and receives deposits of Trust Funds. Acts as Registrar and Transfer Agent of Stocks. Buys and Sells Government, Municipal and High Grade Corporation Bonds OFFICERS. OKSON SMITH, President K.

D. HTJLBEBT, Vice-President. 3. d. ORCHARD, Cashier.

N. WILDER, A8'tCahtes Directors. IUmiuli. FrsiA Onus H. HcCoxxxcsfc Jluusht Ksxr, Josir W.

DoAjnt, ACOTTBTtTS H. BtntLBT, Eliab T. WATKDrS, Lakbkbt Trxr. Buui M. PHXLrtt Koess J.

Wxvtwobtk. Ewoa M. Babtoit. Ouoi Smith. E.

D. Hulmbt. General Tendency of Cash and Securities at the Hob. BOSTON. Feb.

9. Coppers were dull here today and there was a general tendency downward, which was most strongly marked in Montana. Call loans, 334 per cent. Tima loans. per cent.

Clearing-house rate, 4 per cent. Description. Sales. Open. High.

Low. Close. Amn. Sugar 5,000 112 112 109 110 Atchison 200 20 20 2o 2o Do pfd l.OoO 63 63 ti2 3 Arcadian Mining. loo 19 19 18 18 Amal.

Copper 900 93 83 92 93 Adventure 50 5 0 ril-4 Bell Telephone 35 340 340 S.19 339 Bost. lOo 10 10 10 10 B. Mont. Mining 5d 280 2(8 280 B. 6.: Bust.

Mining 800 62 63 61 63 Baltic Mining 4oO 21 21 ''1 20 STOCKS and DOfJDS Bought and Sold and Carried upon Margins. iiT.i,-.,. 5 New York Stock Exchange. Members chicago Stock Exchangc First Mortgage 5 Gold Bonds for Investors. BANKERS, NASSAU AND PINE NEW YORK 13 CONGRESS STREET, BOSTON.

Government Bonds of all issues bought, sold or taken in exchange for other securities. Quotations furnished by wire at our expense List of current offerings of Municipal Railroad and other investment Securities furnished upon application. Accounts of Banks, Bankers, and Individuals Solicited ESTABLISHED 1885. Binzham 200 11 Bonanza loo 1 C. B.

700 125 Centennial Mining 2oo 19 Cochiti 350 12 li-I xiV2 -ii 1 1 1 125 124 124 19 19 19 12 12 12 43 43 43 Dominion Coal 200 43' Erie Telephone 1.2o 108 109 lo 108 Isle Royale 2oo 27 2i 2t 2t Osceola 2'H) 75 75 73 74 Old Colony 5o 4 4 4 4 Old Dom. Mining. 3oo 2o 21 20 2o Parrott OOO 45 45 44 44 Pullman 5o 189 189 189 189 Santa Y. 8(H) 3 3 2 2 Santa Fe 60O 7 7 6 6 Tamarack Mining 50 191 192 191 192 mmm go. S.

E. Cor. La Salle and Madison Sts. MILEAGE. Total mlleaee in operation, under construction, and authorised ncere-Kates 43.5 miles, embracins the mileace of ail the street-rallTcay systems of St.

Loain, save the St. Louis and Suburban system. If the future acquisition of the last-named system be deemed desirable, there has been reservation and provision therefor. Under the terms of the morteaee, 3.000.-OO of the SS.OOO.OOO reserved bonds ean be used for no other purpose hit it for takins up $3,000,000 of the bonds of this system. R.

1. lo0 1014 iqxu, loltv. Can. Southern 100 4) 40 40 Ches. 3oo 2S C.

C. C. St.L. 0O0 K) 01 02ii DO Pfd i-t ION IOH IOK 10S Tn-Mountain 10O Ihi C-j 1 Union Pacific 600 5o 50 49 50 Do Pfd 70 76 76 76 Canadian Pacific. 3oO 07 P7 07 Con.

lias IN. Y. 1. 3.80O 104 103 Chicago Terminal 100 12 12 12 11 TJ. S.

Oil IOO 19 19 19 19 Utah 2oO 30 30 30 30 10 PUI 00 iS.x.ii, 3 uoi. 6i 3,000 CAPITAL $500,000 SURPLUS S500.000 43V U. S. Mining 200 9 9 BONDS. $1000 Chi June 112 I $7000 Mex 4s 7T 5O00 Ft 3-JOO Mex 1st 25 M4s 106'iigtM 15O0O Mex 2d inc.

12 15 10 Do 1st 100 43 Do 2d pfd 1.500 15 Col. Mid 400 Do pfd 3.7O0 2o Col. Fuel Iron. 4tHl 45 r- 5 43 15 JO 10 20 24 45 4 34 14 41 41 34 34 21 21 Chi. Gt.

Western. M0 14 45 14 41 34 Do pfd. B. 4oo 41 IX THE MIXIXG STOCK EXCHAXGES. Cont.

2, loo 34 EDWIN G. FOREMAN, President OSCAR G. FOREMAN, Vice Pres. GEORGE N. NEISE, Cashier.

C. L. 130 21 21 177 177 17S D. L. 30ti 177 Den Rio loo lit Do Pfd 100 72U.

10 10 2o 72 72 72 15 15 P5 D. M. Ft. 100 15 Closing (notation in the Trading Centers of the Con 11 1 ry. NEW YORK, Feb.

9. Mining stocks closed: Chollar 17 Ontario SJ0 Crown Point 8 Onhir hi Con. Cal. Va 13' Plymouth 1- Pj. fc l.

tt II 47U 47 47 47 ADOLPH J. LICHTSTERN Bank Floor. 2. Pfl CHICAOO. The Rookery.


Co EARNINGS. Statements issued by Messrs. Haskins Sells, Certified Public Accountants, for the year ended June 30, l89g, show that the Companies now myted earned, in the aggregate, while independently operated, $266,882.21 in excess of all fixed charges, including the interest on $23,000,000 of 4 per cent bonds; and also that the St. Louis Transit Company for the six months ended December 31, 1809, showed a surplus of $188,346.21 over fixed charges, including the interest on this issue of bonds. A large amount of work in the consolidation of power, and the transformation of cable to electric traction, is now under way, but until its completion the full benefit of the economies resulting therefrom will not appear in the net earnings.

In this connection reference is made to the estimate of Mr. Jilson J. Coleman, a street-railway expert of experience, now General Manager of the Company, made before he became connected therewith, and to his letter of recent date, as to the future net earnings of the United Railways Company, after making allowance for the economies following consolidation and the con centration of management. Prospectus containing the above can be had on application. LEASE.

The St. Louis Transit Company, lessee of the United Railways Company of St. Louis and guarantor of the interest upon its Bonds and Preferred Sock, is a Corporation of 40O llo 110 Erie Accounts of corporations, firm and Individuals are solicited, and will received upon the most favorable terms consistent with conservative banking. Do 1st pfd Do 2,1 Deadwood rkA Federal Steel 7.4oO 37 37 3f; 2.0O0 2o- 19 19 2o 4,200 55 50 loo 5'i 5H 501.. 57 loo loo im lm, 34 34 34 34 duoose Gt.

Northern nfd llmettalTe Standard 240 iron "Silver "i moil Con Mexican 25 1 Yellow Jacket 15 nrxVER. Feb. 9. Special. Closing Kocking Do pfd zoo ii-2 0 Illinois 4o0 113 112 112 113 mining quotations.

a 0 1 lH Bid. Asked. Sales. TCevstone o.oihj -jtl f. tit ,0 KNIGHT, STOCKS AND BONDS BANKERS, CHICAOO.

BOSTON, nonadftock Bldz. 60 Devonshlre-st. me oiate of Missouri with power to acuun aim operate, until tne ISth March, 1939, the lines acauired by the United Rail ways Company of St. Louis. An exchange MUNICIPAL RAILROAD 01 its stock to the extent of 172,502 sharesj ior me common Stock of the United Railways Company of St Louis has been made, share for share, in consideration of a payment to the st Tmngit Company of $11 per share on each share of stock so ex- SIl- nnoTiait mm lorn yesterday were as toliows: DONNEIXEV i.sii imibmhw HTHSJET Mkm behs St.vt Toik Stock Eioiiioi.

Mkmbkks Chicago stock: hicniBS. UcUEiBi Chicago Boap or liiDi. Askea. 45 changed. Through this payment it will have a cash capital of $1,897,522, and no other CORPORATION LVLU DO pM loo 54 54 54 54 Int.

Paper 500 24 24 24 24 K- 25 14 14 14 13 Louis. 3.0oi 81 So 8oiJ 81 Laclede Gas HX) 77 77 77 7 Manhattan 3,7 1 ftt! 07 Jft t'7 K. T. pfd. 2imi 3:: 33 33 34 Met.

St. Ry 5.K00 179 170 177 17s Mex. Cen. 2o0 12 12 12 12 Mobile Ohio. 500 40 44 44 40 Missouri 5.1 00 4i 45 4H 40 Minn.

St. 200 04 4 R4 National Biscuit. 30 39 30 Northern 6.3oo 53 53 5:: Io pfd 7ihi 75 74-. 74 74 National 3 000 541 49 49 5o Do pfd loo 95 95 05 9, N. Y.

Central 2.00O 1X5 13:: 134 134 Norfolk IO.400 29 2h 28 2ii tto Pfd 1.2oO 72 72 72 i4 North Am. Co 700 14 14 13 N. Ont. W. 1,700 24 23 23 24 National 2'H 27 27 27 2i- N.

N. H. II. 214 214 214 1'eople's Gas 1.5oo lo-t loq-i 1osi4 Penn. R.

3.700' lXt'-i 132'-, 133 133 Pacific Mail 3.5oo 42 4o 41 42 Pullman 200 189 1n9 isu3 is Pressed S'eel Car. JW v9 i P. D. A- 3oO 2l 2 2 2 Peoria Eastern. 2oO 0 Pacific Coast 7oO 51 -s 61 i.1 Reading 1st 3.2 50-s, 5'.

fe-i Air Power 42 Amalgamated Copper US American Hide Leather 3 Do pfd 65 Chicago fc Alton subscriptions 105 Distnung Company of America 7" I'O pfd 25 Electric Vehicle 4-S l'o pfd To Choice Issues. Street Railway and Gas Companies LIST OX APPLICATION. enV.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V. 83 83 lOOO COLORADO SPRINGS. Feb.

9. Special. Closing mining Quotations: Bid. Asked. Sales.

Anaconda 48 50 6,000 Acacia 37 37 lo.noo Bankers' 15 16 26.000 Ben Hur 8 8 10.000 C. C. Con 16 16 6.0O0 Copper Mountain 6 47, 000 Granito Hill 7 8 6,000 Ganieid-Grouse 15 15 24.000 Gold Sovereign 10tj 10 12.000 Humboldt 5 5 20.000 Isabella 137 137 0.9OO Key West 4 5 5.000 Kevstone IS 18 6,000 Midwav 7 7 9.000 M. J. 4 4 18,000 Monarch 12 13 New- Haven 9 9 21, 000 Nuzget 2 20 National 1" 1" IO.000 Pilgrim Con 13 13 5.ok Sacramento 1" 3S.HOO Tornado 48 49 1.3o0 Work 1 31 D.5oo Virtue in Incompetency.

Fcx How do yon manage to keep a servant girl so long?" iihRois Electric Vehicle 2Vi Without Commission On choice real etate sacu-ity at o.i, SH. and Quick action. "Ktional Salt LOANS tirt 107 7 52 loo 3 47 7S 2 SO P4'i 31 o0 4d CHOICE i i 24 Km M'-t l'o Pfd Otis Klevator 'o Hakin Powder pfd l.ul-h, noKi Standai-j Uii Sales of the In BUILDING tOAUS JIade at lowest rates of interest without commission. WE PAS3 ON SECURITT. NO DELAT.

BAIRD WARNER, 90 La Salle-st. uuusaiimis save those under its lease ui ui ol. ioms. The St. LoUis company has ass umed the operation of the property, under the provisions of the leases.

$9,375,000 Bonds having been sold, we offer the balance, $13,625,000, for sale at 9V3 ad accrued interest, payable on flonday, February 19th, 1900, at which time the bonds will be ready for delivery. APPLICATION "WILL BE MADE TO HAVE THESE BONDS LISTED ON THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Sobseription boot- rlll be opened at out offlees on Wednesday. February 14. 15JOO.

I -losed at 3 P. m. the same day. Allotments will be made "ible thereafter. The riwht is reserved to relect aPPUeau0'mtlV the subscription earlier than said time, and to allot smaller amounts than those aPPHe FEBRUARY i0TH lft0Q BROWN BROTHERS NewYork, Philadelphia and Boston.

ia ckicmoctTce received bt 28i Pales on the Chicago Stock Exchange yest-rday Were as follows: Sales. Hich. Low. Close. uoi ts rg t.

28 80 8.. Ni Rio G. V. 30 Republic 3.1o 2. Do Pfd l- i VS 4 Southern Ry 2.w 2-l JJ." is so stupid she couldn't get a job 24 12 COIl SALE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF STOCK in a prosperous and successful manufacturing-city corporation of the highest possible reputation and standing.

This company has never failed to pay satisfactory dividends, and present Issue la treasury stock for enlarging plant Incident to raoidly ktovius business. Will be sold tat par) in single shares of $100 each If desired Companv has not misspd a dividend in ten years, mrsrttratlr.g in that time over 1W Drake Oui anywhere else Drake Ours ionn American. 110 DEARBORN-ST. Dealers ia Invest Geo. H.

Holt ment Se car i ties. "3 lJa, ir.i bX fis1 67 70 34, 341, :.4 Id S4 Si V4 3 275 75 275 5t 1.... 155 155 3oo 2f. 2.i- 00 127-si l-7 127 25 27 27 27 2ll Mi. 70 1.120 km; 15 2o 20 20 15( 4i 0 225 225 25 55 loo itti-J j.Mi 20 21 21 21 lio 10 112 112 112 American Linseed Do pfd Am-rleim Tinplate Do pfd Chb-ngo City railway nicugu Edison 'itruKO Traction.

Diamond Mauli Metropolitan Elevated. Lo pfd National Biscuit National Carbon National Steel North Chicago South Side Elevated Street's Stable Car 1'cioa Elevated AVest Chicago Purchase bond issues INVESTMENT. of solvent corpora We offer to careful investors choice 66V FIRST MORTGAGE GOLD Full particulars on application. Personal interviews Invited. JOHN J.

P.ODELL&, 401, 1T1 La SaHe-t. C. SHUEY, INVESTMENTS. 7S La Salle Street tions, and act as Fiscal and Transfer Southern PaJific. X.

o9 i9 S. L. S. W. pfd.

28 28 28 2-, St. L. A San 1'' Do 2 1 pfd 2' Texas Pacific 4 i'lb Third Ave lo2 Tenn. C. I 9'i 97-i Union Pacific 28.4,'HJ 5o 49 49-i Do pfd 2.oo0 i'ci) 11 7ol 70 1 24 24 24 V.

S. Rubber pfd. 0 l'O lol K2 102 V. S. Leather.

2. 0O 17 ln li Do pfd '0 70 7fi W. L. E. 1st pf.

R4 54 54 54 Wheeling L. E. 3.8i 11 1" 11 11 1-''" 27 28 2 pfd 21 21 21 21 Wis. Central 10 Vit mi, Western 5. loo 84 S2 81 Total sales, .350,239 share.

Ex. div. eri Agents, or ders at the New York AHTnun n.jorJEsaco (Member Board of Trade of Chicago. I Stock Exchange, LIEU either for cash or on margin. Daily mar BANKERS, Members of New York Stock Exchange.

ON CHIOAGOJ GRAIN. PROVISIONS, FIRST IfiNDP. 22t Met gold V-9 4'oo rtgrien n'Llt', NY con lot NCC Ry 4' Clearincs at the larger cities yesterday and a week ago were: Feb. 0. Feb.

2. Kew Xork 9 REAL ESTATE ket letter issued orre-ponuenc a mo- TWKS H.O. STONE A CO. .206 L. jhone.

Express 8i Private ucitea. 27 and 2a RXALTO BWILSINO. ClilCAQa Etonadnock Building.

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