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Beaver Dam Daily Citizeni

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

DAILftcfrlM BEAVER DAM WIS THURSDAY APRIL! 1930 page 4 CLASSIIED EVENTS THE WEEK Newton Co ri Capital and Surplus $22500000 THE In the release ofpoisonous gas OR RENT 'EDtAAL RE5ERVI 'News The NO 139 I 5 'ftf i of tjie'earlicr gains SeUUif however 'V A' 5 trading stocke were thrown on the market In the final hour of dealings rl A 35c lube of Life buoy Shaving' Cream for 21c Jew' endorse oley's Honey und Taft Ao for it or sale at Scyferth Drufc Store 1 Pie and Program Monday i evening April 21' English' Prairie' School Route 3 Beaver Dam Miss Winkler Teacher 47 3tp OR Guragcrrjso 43 tfz OR Carload of good work horses Mlko Llndert Randolph Wis JT 35 tr Stop Us If Heard This "Ybur wlfo ra tuinds mo so much of my elder reminds mo a deal of her lirsth Publisher In the interest of the people of Beaver Dam Wl a nd vicinity by Rogers Pharmacy Nt Schwake EditorA Schwake Editor AKE THIS BA NE YOUR BUSINESS HOME rn IsfiejJ 'room at 112 Park Ave Phone 1271 48 it OR Ice box good condi tion reasonable 'Call at 209 Braver St at noon or aftor 47 3t Business Property Building with complete fix tures for meat Main St Columbus Wis Observes Birthday The anniversary of the organization of Jhfj (X Sisterhood was fitting ly onsorvea nieniiiers at lite homeif Mrs Stanley Rose Wayland Halt thtssTtCTfibonA program7 of Intel tint ing numbers was given a of whiclr Included a paper on His lory of tho read by Mrs William' rederick ollowing the mcetig members repaired to the Cor ner Cupboard Tea Room' where a five dinner was Served by Mrs'W Pomeroy a member HELP WANTED DEPENDABLE MEN or the right men this company fepreseiita tion business The company which is the Electrolux Corporation operatingrlnternaUongliyw illat insist however that the men be of excellent character able to 'start operating immediately SALE THIS urni iurebcMnifc diMics Mrs 8 105 St Phono 59 45 tf i Girl for housework in a farmdipme Telephone 9641 lx 4 46 St Jf It Isn't A Beavtr father tried this the other pite He set a Big Ben alarm for 11:1 flipped lilnd the davenport and it worked like a charm The young man tookL the hint and his hat and his leave quite suddenly? OR RENT Jat Tel 24 48 51 Easter Cards: priced from 5a to 25c Painting pape A hang ing and wall washing Hilbert Pieper 118 Elm St Phono 535 Tues Thur ri tf WANTED REAL ESTATE Son arTselllng realestate let your property be the next oneIf the pi Ice is right we ca sell'it Phono 248 and we will be glad to make an inspection ABE1CHL SON 127 "ront St Phone 218 Over UnlvcrsaWGrbcciy 38 tf cod Now tell ing us in the papers that 'silence has lengthened life 12 to 'll years Somehow It sounds lb us like' these government re tyrU telling how much more money wc have now than vo had last mouth 6 Cam OR urnished apartment! inquire it Citizen Qtee 4 8 3 pj OR Small upper flat with garage at 115 South St Phone 359 Mrs Wolf 48 50 OR RoXiVat 518 IV ThliJ St 4 3t SALE Two used Harley Davidson motorcycles 1 92 8 and 1929 models Also nev machines Grabow BurngesLGarage Juneau Wis 45 4L 41' marks the triumph otjife over death Jaitn over fcar hope over despair As such it is one of the happiest days celebrated by Christianity' OR Two ear stein heifefti due to freshen soon Phone 9602 ll 7 2t OR SALE ombtnationMonarch range Practically new 87600 Phone 1300 47 3t Next Sunday morning at the Baptist rhunh seven the Baptist Young People's Union will bo host try the other Young societies of the city at a Easter Service All young people are cordially invited and oldog folks will be most welcome oil ARROW CHIX Pre psid White Leghorns Brown Leg horns 8875 per 100 4375 per 500 Barred Rocks Single Comb Reds White Rocks Buff Orpingtons 3925 per 100 4625 per 500 Heavy Assort ed 850 per 100 Light Assorted $750 per 100 Delivery any day after May 4th Rush' order now arrow Chickeries Dept 333 Peoria Illinois 48 Gt EOR Little pigs and gladio lus bulbs Phone 757 46 3L CASTLE IN A three act comedy drama' Wednesday and Thursday eve ninn April 23 and 24 Yopng stock hi pasture of grass rmhnderTtnnrtTrTrtirr water Reasonable rates Call or write Messer Burnett Wis 48 5t eod OR 4 room ffat' uhower bath garage and basem*nt 2500 per month ilieat and Water furnished Phone 536 4G tf OR tyaby bed with springs and mattress high chair doll house und furniture G09 Burnett St' 47 3t (was readily absorbed following the 'de velopment cl buoyancy in a number of individual issues Radio Common featured the closing dealings with a sharp advance to a round the 6'J level up nearly4 points from Its early Vanadium' Houst on Oil Klee trie Power and Light ox ilm A and Eastman Kodak develop ed pronounced buoyancy and stimu lated strong support In other sections Buying activities had a tendency to shift from one section of the list to atiother creating apprehension In the ranks of the professional traders who had hammered the market through tho greater part of the session llqillo Keith General Electric and Westinghouse which are closely allied with Radio Corporation were svmpa thcticallr affected by the strength and Radio hold close to their early: highsSteel Commcn held an early gain of more than a point Can General Mo tors Union Carbide and other recent leaders merely marked time I Trading in the utilities was enliven ed by heavy buying of Electric Power and Light which ran up nearly 5 poinln to a new high for the year: American Telephone was sluggish however and held close its previous closing level after moving about in a comparatively narHw visg throughotit the session OR BA i tou se Tilrn I sh gs Tl day and Saturday during daytime on ly Mrs James Lindsay 303 Henry St 48 2t Ptfty Mr and Mrs Edmund Schtnfift South street1 'mtertained atcadinner and supper Sunday in the' confirmation Of their three sons Wilburindy ItolAnd The guests Messrs findr Mmes elix Schmldt' ind family Burnett Theodore Sch nidi Hustisford' Hugo Schmidt md family Juneau Otto Offerman fox Lake John Indermuehl Hast) Horicon Mils IIiSclimidt''Du8tl3 ford John Offerman Doris Offer man Beaver Dam Mr Bartlet dt'waukce ritz indermtiehle Hori con i I Have Aklva Tempkin call for your dead hereee and cows Service at fill timet OR SALE Darm 167 pcres locat ed on Highway between Waupun and Burnett 31rs AnnaYoung 321 East Maple Ave 28 24t Daughter Confirmed IIOItlCON rMr and 'Mrs Sylves ter Starry''' entertained Sunday in' laugher Dorothy A bounteous dinner and upper jiwas served to the follow Messrs and Hermann Koeppclle Prock Delmer Wag ler and daughter Lorraine Herbert Schweiger aifil family 'Wllltatri Wagner Alvin Reinke Misses Adcla ind lorence Koeppelle Beaver Dam Mrs Jake Starry and daugh ter Vivian Oregon Mr and Mrs Arnold Lentz and son 'uharles Alias Lillian Llebnuw' Milwaukee Mr ind Mrs: Arthur Wagner and family William Becslfe' Charles Liebenow And tsbn rederick Viiaa Mqrolil indsom John EdwaVd GlodowskL of Horicon Branch (or one training at our expense rJtoRSddseJjylujiaawardcdindiv'd buais selected in eadisot the Att ArOUTA GAMIE WAUPACA GREEN LAKE 'MARQUETTE and OND DU LAC COUNTIES Wbupsca Wautoma Marion Apple ton Neenah Menasha Ripon' Beav er Dami Mayville Hoi icon Oshkosh ond du Lac Berlin New £6ndon also other and Eastern Wisconsinterritories Personal Interview will be granted riday April 18th and Saturday April at the Raulf i 'D SOLBERG 'District Dealer Supervisor 44 I 47 3U OR Plano us good as new for 50 A Hoffman Horicon Wis Phone 124 48 lt zk rUii RENT Apartments AW Spangler 40 tf i Rsxall Toilet Goods' 1 Counter: Cara Nome ace Powder Shari uce Pow der 100 Duska ace A flacon of Perfume free with every purchase of a box ot aco Powder at 100 A box of Kleenex free with every pur chape ot Cleansing Cieamat50c ancy Easter Box Candy a all prices QR 2 pugs and library tabid' Phone Philip Keil 533 J' 46 fit eod IOR SALE Chinchilla rabbits Phone 1040 bejtween and6 00' isatji' THURSDAY Meeting of Reaver Dam Lodge No 117 I Thurklay evening A Stamp Club meeting at the building Thursday evening Beaver Pioneers will meet Thursday night at 7:15 at six Regular meeting of the Ladies Aux iliary at tho Eagle Hail Thursday evening The ine Arts 'Department of the Club will meet ut tho Pub lic Library Thursday afternoon" ut four i Mrs R' Page will speak on "The History' and Develop ment ot the An Invitation Is extended lQ alLmembcrs ofthe Wom Club ifriday 'St Court of Lady oresters will meet atthe at: 7:30 Triday evening J4 Regular Modern Woodman meeting al 'Ihe'WoodmaiLlTall riday' night Com million service at Grace Pres byterian Church' riday night AltiMamUtog tho church Hastei Sunday will meet with (he session following tlio Communion OR SALE rChlld's Chautauqua desk Phono 591 48 3t 21QR SALEDRTRADE4Korxlly property 20 acres 4 miles west of Beaver Dam with stock and tools Ben Jackman Route 3 47 OR The house'on tho north east corner of No Spring and Third Sts tobe removed fromjot Seo Burt Butler or John Kias 4 2t S'Ws' definitely made up our inInd not to go around biting haiku now that Uqcbu' Iras discover ed that sharks 'arc harmless except when attacked is 4 'Jlfciui mber We Jiava cut prices on certain items at all WtANJEr for general house work one lto can cook Tel 3D7 tf Building Lob With All City jmproyemeni 4 North Center St Grove St 28 blk from new school to be built on DeClark Rosendale and Pearl This Is lioiiMielean Ing 1ine' We have a largo variety Sponges and Cham ols Good Beaver ar ruit Market We pay $125 per bushel Phone 4 47 2L Vs OR taken at once Phone 368 J' 48 tf Oll Baby buggy also Chin chilla 'rabbits Phono 7S8 A HOME OR $2000 7 500 cash balance 15 per SEE THIS TODAY' jf Phone 248 A RIfill A fiN 127 ront Street Tel 24S Eve 1087 11 48 lt Grain' CHICAGO Wheat closed ari cr rntlc cpiirgeQiipHADoard xiCJrade todariTwIth fractionally lower prices The market came back strong at mid day: but the rally eliminated the shorts and weakened the position prices fall ing back equally as sharply only to recover sllgitly Conmrlsslon houses bought on the dips and shorts covered for over 'the holiday1 Gains were re ported in western Kausas but the slate weekly report indicates insufli cient moispire doRpite thts Corn and oats wore: down fractionally with wheats At the dose wheat was to tower 'corn was Io lower and oats was to lower Provisions were steady Liverpool weakened late but turned steady at the close and was lower to higher May wheat: was under most pressure during the morning with present holders endeavoring to get out of that month Export busi ness over night was Very moderate Cash prices were tower Receipts era 14L cars 1 Corn started fairly steady but 'eased with Wheat and at mid day was frac tionally 'lower Receipt? were some what less at all markets but thero was no special feature to tbe trade Cash prices were unchanged Receipts were 119 cars Oats wasalmost unchanged at the but some pressure near mid session cause prices to ease fraction ftlly The trading was dull Cash prices were unchanged Receipts were 43 Cars "'T Closing Stooka Stocks today main tained substantial advances scored In Society VOL 2 APRIL 17 1930 OR SALE battery battery charger gas plate 'Monitor Oak heat er und aitciien cabinet at 122 South St 43 1 OR SALE Duck eggs? Phone 9606 li 47 4t Dr and Mrs llcatirof Juneau were visitors In this city Wednesday JvBeHtag wae caller lt( ond du Lac yesterday a 4 Mr Norman AzpcI ot Milwaukee rislted iu this city yeserday CD Hotchkiss and son' Wai OR Carload of good work horses Can be seen on the farm ofMrs Town of Calamus Roberts Owner' 35 tf HOUSEHOLD $50 LOANS $300 'Made on urniture Automobiles and Livestock Repayable ln small monthly payments same amount each a Month I Month a Month a Month Other amounts in the samepro por tion payment Includes Interest I' NA I IlHAMaM a a Strict Privacy Call on phone or write today" Our Representative will see you at once irst inanceXo 2 IOWA jV'1081S ront Street Phone 1U3 Bearer Dam Wta i Modern 7 room York St Moderm 6 Burnett St Home Haskell St tot 66x 300 'Home Davis tot 76x 180 New 2 story 6 roomf Ran dblph i i' Bungalow hrlw lASfw wi vs io Home with 1 acre all River House Hamilton St I I a It is the earnest hope of this bank that its ancHricndymayrnjoy thdiappiesfuf Eastertides MhaUit will bring lo each and all a rekindling of those things Svhich make while arms 7 Owners will trade 107 1 mi from Dodge Co 60 acres 1 ml from Beaver Da 1 80 4 ml from Colurrr bus 5 Scree with Markesan 320 acres Near Westfield Highway 61 320 Near Doylestown 218 acres 5 ml from Beaver Dam 3 ml from Burnett Will arrange to furnish mon ey at 5 on any of the above deals so: easy to fill your own car with oil from a Pour Eze drum And besides you know your oil 100 'Pure Pennsylvania Oil 19j per quart Gamble Stores' 48 1 1 DR CORSO EYE EAR NOSE and THROAT Tel 1080 Above Boule A Yasgsr 4 1 Jtlo We have tho Agfa All Wt aiher film takes pfetures on sunny' rainy Qfclou(lyidaye Are iour radishes UP jet? 2 men boarders or mar ried couple near Shoe actory Phono 707 463t jW ANTED Girl desire? position In office Inquire aU'CItizen Office 46 31 Rogers Pharmacy Schwake 'I Prop' Beaver Dam Wis Phone595 Edward Beiebl 120 North Spring St'' Phone 31 Beaver Dam Oven Thomae Drug Store CARD THANKS r'tjr We wish tot hank Rev Wiese Mc Kinstry Yaumtm Dr thO pall bearers donors of ears' and floral con tributions' and the many friends who assisted kindly during (he sickness and death of our beloved sory and brother LaVoneYotfr Christ like spir IJ of help in time of dire need (has shed considerable of light iu our dark Gethsemane Mrs Maymc Mooradian vVGladys Mooradian Mr and Mrs Wallace Mooradian 48 lt 4 Ladies Rayon Silk Pajamas $198 at 48 lt I 13 4 7S AMERICAN national "BANK BEAVER DAM WIS 7 ESTABLISHED' 18 91 ancy bottled Per fume 315(1 value tor 4 rXAccordlng to ope of our lady custo mers modern worn en have trouble keeping cthelr skirts pulled down but thelf problem is aS' nothing compared with th art of wearing busties NEW YORK STOCKS American Gan 153 Anaconda Ccppcr C'J American Sugar 67 Barntiale A1 30 Cities Service (Curb) 'Continental Can 67 Eisler Electric 18 Electric Boat 7 Electric 93 General oods 52 I General Motors s' 51 General Outdoor Adt 19? Gold Dust 45 Great Northern Orel Hudson Motors 52? Indepenqfiit Oil 29 1 Cl Mark 'frack 83 'Midwest Utilities' "1 clfic? Mo Kan Pipe 111629 'Montgomiry Ward 45 Nash Motors 52Packard Motors 20 Pan American Pct 58 Otis Steel 35' Rio Grande Oil 23 Sears Roebuck 92 Sinclair Oil 29 Standard Brands 26 Standard Oil Submarine Boat Texas Corp 57 Asst 16 TranseontlnentaLOll 20 Steel 19' 'Woolworth 77 However ilight TO BE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT YOU MUST BE CORSETED I EvEN though you weigh only 105 the mode demand 'ou wear a foundation not the lam style as Mrs Avoir Du Pois to be but foundation nevertheless Withlhii BONELESS 'J jormfit: GIRDLEIERE about you you will never be conscious of its presence Made of silky swami 1 cloth It fits like a soft clinging outer sRin with ust enough firmness to greatly improve your posture Visit our corset department and starten joying a ORMIT today 1 $100 to $850' WANTED WANTEDrBojCpwanttf swork on farm Inquire at pitizen Office': 47 2C 2Mra Or are tho guests of relatives in Cni iss Inef ta wa 1 Lampert left lasl jveniug for her home al Neenah to re naia for the Easter vacation Dr Gardner ot ond du Lac was a professional caller in thls city yesterday Edward Roedl and Edward Gilmore were huafuess callers at Uurnott yesterday Mr Alfred Bauer of Lansing Mich Is a guest at the home of Mrs Mary Bauer South Spring street Mi 5 Zay Trlono and Ills have left to spend the week md with' Mrs Trione's siser In Mil waukee 'Mr andMrs Joseph Ausscn and Mr and Mrs Joseph Goetz of Milwau kee were Sunday guests at the homef Mr's nd Mrs Andraska 'T Hcrbraud ind son Bob went to West Aills morn mg where they will spend a few days with relatives" rjEarl Gilmore thd oldest son' at Mr ani Mrs Charles Gilmore underwent a mastoid operation at the Lutheran Deaconess Hospital yesterday £1 rv rt'1' Mr' and Mrs August Schwlnge: and Ur ind iMrj iWllHam Hiller visited ine iuymona utinsuan in 'h LAIHCU BUUBLMflLLM1 TNlll MB KCffiriMl 111 Durneii ruesuay evening' the early afternoon despite pie holl rMIsa leanor Williams Is an day liquidation Instructor In 'Biology' and General Good sized offerings of the principal Science at the high school left this mrmfnr for hpr hnmn Waukesha where she will speild her Easter attracted by the substantial character vacation her parents Orgafi Prelude In Rockwell Miss Ruth Baumann ytti jrtfChrtefrt htrLrdir'RtsoTrTK day" Scripture Vocal Duet by Donnollanand'' Mias Wells Tra erTSqbtencepray era) Vocal Solo Me to Mr Stromberg The Message Reverend Whltuey Hymn' the of Chrlat '1 1 Bencdkttom Postludo Postlude In SAE PROTECTED BY GAS "LA GRANGE Tho third timS that bauciits attempt to blow the safe in the povL office hero they wlll bo gassed Any attempt to molest lhe ysafMroinjvhlch llfiOOG ias been Ink eo 'iff 'thepart' three years will result Markets MILWAUKEE LIVE STOCKS April 17th HOGS 'S: Receipts 1500 market air io best butchers 97r4 1050 Pigs and lights' lights 85oy 900 Government throwouts 10dQ700 Receipts 600 market steady Steers common 700850 Helfers good to choice 95001150 Helfers medium to good 8 OO Cows good to choice 72'(i 850 Medium to good air to medium 6000650 Cannerst 4500)500 Bologna bulls 5000575 2000 market Heady Good to choice 9r0l 050 air to good 8000900: Receipts 700 market steady Good to choice ewes and wether ppring liinbb 9 250975 air to good 8500'900' CHICAGO PROOUCN I Creamery extras 37S EGGS TretiT Ordinaries 23c023c MILWAUKEE PRODUCE POULTRY owls(5 llrtr and up) 26e owto (4 to 5 lbs) 25c Lights 21c Spriugeru Ifanxy) etc Broilers S'ags' Turkeys 250 Ducks 25c Geose LOCAtTMARKETS Butter Eggw 22c25c VEGETABLES Wholesale) Potatoes 31353180 1' GRAIN (Wholesale) Barley 50c60c 7 Oats 35c40c i Wheat Cornr 7Oc09Oo a 1 Jh W' a CrnZENS RESULTS SUNRISE SERVICES WILL BE HELD OR LOCALYOUNG OLKS Young People's Societies of City to be Gueete at Baptist's Church Easter Morning 4 in I Miss: Mildred Anderson Ttiusio In structor 1n the public schools han left for Madison to spend her Easier va cation there Ronald find Orville Edgerton have returned to Madison to resume their at the university after spend ing their Spring vacations In this jlly A Careful Met here Keen About It never last long 1n our ly for wo use Ifoney and nays Mrs I Hll Homer Ga oky 1 toney alii nevmi failed to take care of coughs andlpIdiJ in our family a and we hava tismi It over 20 Hays Mrs" Orufitcln Green Bay Wis Dependable always no opiates no chloroform nothing'! that' a careful 'Mother hesitates tLo1! grvefchor child rcm Thus'wtry 'MtJthetKl i 1 1 1 Mr SSSSWwki Zblffl wa Bk 9 BL fipOilMMlMI 41 Mow JfiTTfiB I I ir HBWm i I 'V' Bai II 3 5' 1 A 1 A la Illi J77 2 01 Mftr Illi Jft 4' 7 A fflw 4 Jip 5 i Vh7 'if jrt ff? IausM wJ 1 R5 nvr I BCWrirl mHI I A' wc a idl 'b 1 i 4 A 7T' rr rry rJ nn 71 a A 4 4 4 1 1 75 g7J'7' iw 4 4 'b: I Ui 'Va fStJ' nV 7 Tv j' I 1 Jf 1 Locals it 4 0 AR 4 11 1 fat i2 'Mifc V9 4 a Ji life A ft ftft a IP hc5 HtN 1 Jit 3 A 'J ft tat A VP ry vj 1 Wfl 1 7 1 7 A 5 7 4 1 I.

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